HFC’s Whizz app offers responsible lending, personal budgeting and property investment


Since the advent of MPesa, Kenya has been at the forefront of the fintech revolution. This has opened up a proliferation of mobile money and digital banking avenues like the HF Whizz app developed by the HFC, a subsidiary of HF Group. Housing Finance, is a mortgage finance provider in Kenya.

Having been one of the earliest companies to offer mortgage financing, consumers interests on matters to do with property acquisitions are accounted for in the platform. HF Whizz is the only financial application in the country that allows one to save money as well as invest in property using a phone.

According to a recent study by Microsave, more than 2.7 million Kenyans have been listed with the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB). The app promotes ethical lending through enabling a customer to check his/her status with the CRB while allowing one to borrow according to their credit history. As one continues to borrow and pay on time, he/she is able to score points to unlock a higher limit.

The app also enables customers to create a budget and track spending in a seamless manner. The app curates a graph showing where your money is going to as well as what you may have forgone in terms of spending.

Some of the features available in the HF whizz App are; Transfer to HF-HF accounts Ksh 0, HF to other accounts flat rate fee of Ksh60, buy goods rate is Ksh 35, buy Airtime, allows one to transact up to Ksh200,000 daily, interest rate of 7.7% for loans, call HF customer care center directly from the app, instant account opening on the app and the app has a branch locator showing what branches one can visit for more information