Phase 2 of digital literacy program sees Kenyan government set up labs


Kenya’s government is set to put up labs in schools for students to learn and use technology as part of the digital literacy program in the country.

ICT cabinet secretary Joe Mucheru said a new curriculum is already in place and is going to be piloted starting early next year. ’We are in the second face where now we are going to be putting up labs so that all the students can be able to use the technology. But the technology on its own doesn’t work you have to have the content, the content is being provided by through KICD and through KICD they have created a cloud service where you have got a lot of the content that students and teachers can use for educational purposes,’says Mr. Mucheru.

He added that the government is working extra hard to ensure students have access to more content as they had exhausted the content provided previously within the first three months.

According to the CS, there’s still more that has to be done in educating the Kenyan youth.