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Meet Ugochi Ugbomegh The Nigerian Techpreneur Who Is Improving Nigeria’s Mobility Service

by Vanessa Waithera
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Ugochi Ugbomeh is not your ordinary woman.

She started a world-class transport company known as Tranzit in attempt to deal with the mobility sector in Nigeria. The problem and question was how would people move things and people effectively? One of Africa’s biggest problems is mobility, moving from point A to B is not as easy as it may seem. Women like Ugochi believe that powerful technology can be used to solve such issues in Africa.

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So what is Tranzit about?

Tranzit was taken from the English word ” Transit” which basically means  “the conveyance of people and things from one place to another. Having this in mind, Tranzit is an IT based mobility service provider. Currently they offer two products:  TaxiPixi Africa, which is a taxi e-hailing and booking service, that helps you book a taxi in 30 seconds. Secondly, TranzitIT, a technology based delivery service that serves both e-commerce and brick and mortar merchant owners, as well as regular consumers .

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Tranzit claims to be different from other taxi services.

Ugochi says that one of the key strengths of their company is the fact that they are quite affordable in comparison to other taxi companies. They also offer quality and most of their customers are left happy. As any other growing company Ugochi’s vision for Tranzit is to make it grow and eventually expand to other countries even in other countries.

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So what has she learned in her entrepreneurial journey?

Patience is key in every step you take when it comes to a business. Ugochi had to understand her market before venturing into this particular business. She became better at it the more she did her research. She also learned that there’s room for failure and it will come, when it actually does make sure you succeed anyways. Last but not least, always have a mentor that will guide you and will save you a lot of grief and time.

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