Meet Catherine Mahugu The Founder Of An Innovative Fashion Platform


When women take opportunities they take them and turn them into greatness.

It’s not a hidden factor or a myth that when a woman makes it in any industry it is usually a very big achievement. A woman who turned her passion into reality is Catherine Mahugu, the founder of an e-commerce platform which allows Kenyan jewellers to sell their products to customers directly. The company currently offers jewellery to over 450 retailers worldwide including Nordstrom, Espirit, and Fossil.

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Catherine also has her own site known as

She describes herself as a seasoned techpreneur, changemaker, youth empowerment champion among other things. She didn’t just stop at creating one platform, she is a woman who wears many hats. She is also the founder of another e-commerce platform that provides premium Kenyan coffee to the international market. Her determination and ambition did not let her stop her there. She is also the founder of Wazidata, an innovative company that advances human experience by creating innovative offerings using design thinking methods and counts UNHCR and Safaricom among their clients.  A software engineer by profession, Catherine Mahugu has been recognized locally and globally for her entrepreneurial work, including Forbes 30 Under 30 2016, BBC 100 Women, A Leader of Tomorrow at the St.Gallen’s 44th Symposium in Switzerland 2014 among others.

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It is women like Catherine that prove society wrong in so many ways.

Women are capable of being part of the tech world and actually be successful in that field. Catherine’s approach seems to be taking over the e-commerce platform and through her hard work, she proves that a woman can wear many hats and do anything she wants.