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High Tech Gaming Gadgets Launching in 2019

As an avid gamer, probably one of your resolutions for 2019 is to set your eyes on new games and new gadgets. Many shops are packed with new gadgets, while others are still waiting for high tech gaming gadgets to be launched. Some of the gadgets hitting the shelves in 2019 include Levl gaming chair.

Therefore, if you looking for a way to enhance your gaming experience, the Levl gaming chair is undoubtedly your ultimate solution. The chair comes with standard features, and is perfectly designed to offer unrivalled level of comfort.

Gaming chairs

Levl gaming is superior because;

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It has the best supportive cushions

Gaming with Levl gaming chair is an experience that you will always look forward to. The chair comes with highly supportive back cushions. This is specifically designed to provide the best support for your neck, back, and head. The deep, soft and comfortable cushions made of high-density foam makes your gaming moments more enjoyable.

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To enhance your ergonomic experience, the Levl cushions are oversize. Therefore, whether you rest your neck or head at the sides or the middle while gaming, you can rest assured of quality support. What’s more, every lumbar support is designed by molded foam and synthetic padding that creates space, where you can comfortably sink in as you play. It offers the needed and right amount of support to keep your health in check during gaming sessions.

Distinctive design

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Most gaming chairs feature an ergonomic design and Levl is not an exception. However, this chair has a more superior design made with a distinctive approach. This is tailor made for ease of adjustability and for quality lumbar support. The supportive pillows of this chair come with high-quality hoist straps. As a result, it is easy for you to adjust the chair to a more comfortable position. The chair accommodates your weight and height needs.

The adjustment control of this chair is remarkable. You only need to reach under the seat pan on the right-hand side of the chair and lift the paddle. Adjust the chair to your preferred position. You can adjust the chair up or down based on your needs.

Height adjustment

To enhance your comfort level even further, the chair is fitted with adjustable armrests. It can be adjusted to six positions, and to a range of 3inches. The lever is highly flexible and your gaming sessions won’t be interrupted as you adjust the armrests to the desired position.


Levl is a striking gaming chair that is available in different colors. It is stylish right from the design to the type of materials used to design it. The chair also boasts of leather like vinyl upholstery, banded support, and extra strong steel frame system.

The base of the 5 star based wheel is reinforced by nylon, which adds to the beauty of this chair. Therefore, it is not only sleek but also high profile. It has the best design to support your weight because it is built by heavy duty materials.

What’s more, the style is enhanced by a standard gas cylinder. This standard system is designed in the most amazing design to provide maximum support and comfort as you play.

High quality molded foam

The chair also comes with a modern molded foam. This ensures that you enjoy the best support even as you spend long hours on the game. The foam is durable, and it can last over a long haul. This is further enhanced by the padding layer that helps to create the most ideal space for your gaming.

Back angle adjustment

The back angle function is one of the most significant aspects of a gaming chair. A chair that allows you to recline the backrest with ease and comfortably is more desirable. This is what Levl gaming chair is all about. It has a backrest that can be adjusted to the desired position, and it adjusts itself back up on its own.

Back angle adjustment

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