Facebook opening a content review centre in Kenya


Facebook is opening its first sub-Saharan Africa content review centre in Nairobi. It is expected to provide jobs to a diverse group of 100, who speak several languages, including Somali, Oromo, Swahili and Hausa.

Facebook’s Public Policy Director, Ebele Okobi, expressed his excitement about the new review center in a statement on Thursday. He said, “This further highlights our commitment to serving the community of people using our platforms across Africa, as well as our commitment to continuing to invest and partner locally across the continent.

Public Policy Associate, Fazdai Madzingira said, they have made significant investments globally and locally in ensuring that people see only the content they are interested in. Madzingira added that they intend for Facebook to be a safe and free place for people to discuss their views.

Carolyn Komen, Samasource Program Director, said giving work is the most powerful solution to ending global poverty. “We use technology and private sector methods to measurably improve access to work and job training,” she said. “Our team will receive extensive training and support, benefit from industry-leading facilities, and have the opportunity to advance their careers in tech through this partnership.”