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Careem to provide free in-ride insurance for its passengers and drivers in 15 countries

Careem, the Uber for MEA, has launched a global in-ride insurance programme to provide free in-ride insurance for both passengers and Captains in all 15 countries in which Careem operates.

With the deal, the firm would potentially pay up to $20,000 to cover expenses related to death or serious injury caused by an accident during a Careem ride.

Captains are covered by insurance from the moment that their app is online and available to pick up passengers, right through when they are en-route to pick-up a fare or waiting at the pick up location, as well as when driving the passenger to their destination. 

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“Safety remains our top priority as we expand across new territories and enter new verticals,” announced the firm in a blog post. “The introduction of our new free global insurance plan means that our Captains and all 33 million of our customers now have insurance while riding with us in any country. This is a huge commitment from Careem that reflects the importance of safety and well-being of our customers and Captains. “

Careem already has a range of safety and security measures to ensure a standardised level of safe driving – all Captains driving on the platform undergo rigorous background checks, on-boarding and refresher trainings on how to drive as safely as possible and keep their cars in optimum roadworthy condition. 

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Captains’ vehicles also receive a standardised assessment, checking against core mechanical, functional and interior measures – from seatbelts, to tire thread, to indicators and lights, cars must pass this test to be on the platform. And by correlating a captain’s potential earnings with the safety of their vehicle and driving, Careem provides an extra motivation for following best practices.

Female captains also have added layers of security with their calls being prioritised in the event of a problem occurring in-ride, and have more flexibility on which customers they choose to pick up based on gender, neighbourhood and customer rating, without this effecting their overall acceptance rating.

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Milcah Lukhanyu
Milcah Lukhanyu
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