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4 Signs You’re Being Catfished

by Vanessa Waithera
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Do you know if you’re being catfished?

Well, many people are now on online dating and though it may be fun and interesting it can also be dangerous. There are people who are online to ruin your life by that I mean they pretend to be who they are not. There have been several cases where people have been catfished and unfortunately it could be you, see from the signs.

1. They will never pick up your phone call

Obviously if someone is not picking up your phone calls or they refuse to skype then you need to question their identity. A real person will not mind talking or even skyping because they have nothing to hide.

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2. They refuse to meet

They always have excuses, they will insist that you cannot meet because they are either traveling or any other flimsy reason. A real person will not minding as soon as possible, otherwise what is the point of meeting online?

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3. They don’t have many followers or friends

It is very suspicious when someone in this day and age does not have many followers. If you’re on social media and someone doesn’t have many friends then there is a possibility they created that account to catfish people like you.

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4. Their photos are few and they never really like sending you selfies

Nope, they don’t like sending selfies because he/she looks very different from the photos. It is possible they are using someone’s photos or a models photos. It especially makes no sense if they really look fake, there’s that look like they are too perfect. Please be weary.

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