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Must have handbags and shoulder bags in 2019

by James Kanja
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How you create a cool appearance with a decent bag

In 2019 you go for a decent bag. Decent? YES! But now it comes: you don’t carry the bag on you underarm (to sophisticated). You carry your most beautiful bag the casual way. An elegant outfit asks for it. 

How? By using your hands. You don’t carry it on the handles of the bag. It has to look like you just grabbed the bag form the table. It’s a fast world, you know! Show it! 

Cowboysbag is the musthave

The Cowboysbag is the musthave for the fashionable man en woman these days. There are decent bags in their collection that can be carried that way. Like the Cowboysbag Chicago. Elegant and the one for a casual look. 

And there is the laptop bag Edgemore. In beautiful dark blue. Fits to every outfit and can be carried the way we recommended. 

White bags are a bit… white

It is announced that the white colored bag is on! We have our doubts. A white bag is an eyecather, but if you want to use your bag daily, we recommend a leather one in elephant grey. That is more comfortable. Cowboysbag offers you great ones in this grey colour! 

If you still want to make that statement you go for the fancy Bristol Yellow Cowboysbag handtas. Wow! There is also a Fleet Yellow one. Great example of fashion, decency and extravagance. For the daring ones. 

Choose the bag that fits your mood

Who goes for it? You know that even the cheapest outfit can be upgraded by the right bag. Really!   And woman are known for their bag-passion. So if you have the named Yellow Cowboysbag, you can also extend your collection by buying a more moderated bag like a leather colored Cowboysbag handbag. No problem at all. You just choose the bag that fits your mood in the morning. 

Do you know that also a big bag is hot this year? A really big one. The Cowboysbag Nairobi Snake is good example. There is really room for everything in this bag and it looks amazing! An elegant bag with a cool appearance! You can also wear it cross-body. 

So now it comes to choosing your Cowboysbag. Difficult? Not if you take the time to search online. There’s a great collection at THEBAGSTORE. Just take al look and go for the one or ones that you like the most. 

Carry the right bag with flair

A ‘almost’ white one, a yellow screaming copy or a moderated leather one in brown hues. There is so much choice! For man and woman. And remember: the cheapest outfit can be fashionable by carrying the right one. The right bag. And carry it with flair. You know how! 

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