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3 Ways to Benefit Your Business through Microsoft Azure

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Nowadays it is not a big deal whether medium or small-sized businesses move to the cloud, but they have to migrate properly with associated applications. How to perform the migration is more important to analyze the servers of current on-premise and they should understand running applications. Microsoft Azure is considered as the top contender that provides security, scalability, and redundancy to grow the IT infrastructure of a business. The cloud solutions of Azure are from a single server to farm servers in multiple regions and slowly scaling up to requirements of performance at a specific time. There is no need to spend extra capital in memory, hardware-servers, and storage. It leads to the popularity of web-based applications with their clients. 

Here we have 3 ways to impact the overall small and medium-sized businesses by Microsoft Azure cloud. 

  • Scalability & Redundancy
  • Security & Compliance
  • Disaster Recovery

Scalability & Redundancy:

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By using Microsoft Azure the user allows to scale up or down the required resources in a subscription of Azure client without investing in additional resource capacity which leads to perfect growth in small businesses. If the user wants new functionality, then he should select what need from the Azure’s menu, then it should deploy very quickly.

The process of scalability is a more automated Azure app service, it depends on the total number of visitors to the particular website. It happens when user traffic is lesser than the non-profit experiences or an association. A website or web-based application built under Azure app service which can automatically in horizontal (by adding load-balanced servers) or vertically (by adding resources to the server). It because to handle the extra traffic in heavy times without investing the resources additionally. Whenever the hosting requires the user has to pay for the additional resources instead of paying in the entire year. It leads to valuable capability for experiencing website traffic a few times in a year. This is very easy for NOC, wallet of business and managed service teams to adjust accordingly. 

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Scalability improves business performance running with 24/7 minimum downtime. This is how Azure excels in the options of redundancy. By using Azure traffic manager and different Azure regions the user can handle the required failover options and traffic routing. The robust client hosting can be built by cloud architects in the cloud of Azure for the applications and websites which need to operate at continues uptime and peak performance. The redundancy and scalability options of Azure can provide the agility and stability of infrastructure that is needed to capitalize on the business to the next level.

But understanding when and how to transition to Azure is crucial before making a decision. It’s critical to consider several factors if you just bought new hardware, your staff skillset doesn’t include Azure, you have strict security requirements, or your leadership team is uncomfortable in migrating to the cloud. Professional IT consulting and managed IT services can help run your security concerns, the system costing model, etc. In that way, you can scale your business using Azure more confidently.  

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Security & Compliance:

Hacks and Breaches making the headlines that result in occurring regular basis at few enterprises such as Best Buy, Equifax, and Target. Security is one of the prior concerns to seek the data of intellectual property and data of customers whether it is an NGO, trade association or government contractor. 

The daily treats from different vectors make very important to have genuine tools to detect and monitor the cloud environment. The solution can be provided through Azure Security Center in helping to detect, prevent, and respond with control over the critical Azure resources and it’s visibility. NOC teams are used to verify the configuration and proper security. Those NOC teams are allowed by Azure Security Center. It can also help in identifying the resource immediate attention. 

Other than security, compliance also plays a major role when the cloud service is selected by a business. This is true for health-related organizations and credit unions, it is because of the sensitive nature, it leads to the upper hand of Azure with its coverage of comprehensive compliance. The more certifications can be held than the other cloud service providers. The US government agencies trust Azure like their government contractors. These cloud services can be delivered only in Azure regions that can handle government information. There is no other small business that can match the investment of Microsoft other than Azure cloud. Small-medium businesses can tap into robust security. 

Disaster Recovery:

The recovering ability is an important element of small-medium businesses when disaster strikes. Severe weather conditions like floods, hurricanes, and fires that strike regularly. Then, it is a question for you “How to protect the IT infrastructure?”.

Previously, the solutions for disaster recovery are costly and time taking processes. Nowadays, it becomes very easy with ASR (Azure Site Recovery) service. The data and on-premise servers become very easy with ASR.


By using these 3 ways the business through Microsoft Azure will get improve whether it is small-sized or medium-sized businesses. Scalability and redundancy are very much useful in allowing quick scale-up and can provide the capacity of additional resources. The security and compliance are very much useful in detecting and preventing the control over the critical Azure resources. Disaster recovery plays an important role in SMBs. It responds quickly when a disaster strikes. 

Author Bio:  Anji Velagana, a graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Jawaharlal Technological University, Kakinada. He is currently working for MindMajix Technologies as a content strategist. 

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