How to engage with your audience better through content marketing?


Internet today is filled with loads of content out of which only some of it is relevant and engaging, rest is just populating the already populated digital world. Although judging content as ‘good’ or ’horrible’ is easy but to create engaging content of your own is a fairly difficult task. You want people to like your content and share as well, but do you really feel that your content is that engaging? How to market your content correctly?

People generally have a misconception that content marketing is all about selling. In fact, content marketing is purely focused on publishing content that’s relatable, educates people and builds a long-term relationship. If you’re looking for useful tips on how to do that, below are some points.

  1. Diversify and be creative – If you’re writing on a blog, avoid sticking to textual content only. Plain text can be a bit boring and doesn’t catch the reader’s eye. Try adding that little bit of extra spice to your posts by using emojis, gifs, images, videos, etc.
  1. Be organized – Everyone wants to read something that is readable and presentable. Avoid clustered text and use multiple levels of headings. Not just subheadings; use bullets, numbering, etc. to maintain an organized hierarchy. 
  1. Use a CMS – Content is the backbone of any content strategy but using the right system that fits your content type helps improve your content performance. This is why you need to find an appropriate Content Management System (CMS). You need to find something that is highly customizable as well quick like the Episerver CMS.
  1. Write for the audience – We all know that we need to rank higher on Google and follow the best SEO practices, but we should never forget that it is the audience that we are writing about. Write as if you genuinely care about the topic and your audience. Try to use phrases that we use while talking in real life to make the reader feel that someone is actually interacting with him.
  1. Create catchy titles – It is a sad fact that in this online world, a book is always judged by its cover. You always have to come up with unique and catchy titles so that the reader is compelled to look at what’s inside.
  1. Call to action – You need to tell your audience exactly what you want them to do and why. Always include a small line or paragraph containing an appropriate call to action (a button or a link).
  1. Internal links – One of the best ways to keep your audience on your website is by using internal links and redirecting them to relevant information within your website. This will not only help you keep people on your website for longer but will also help in driving more traffic.
  1. Conduct contests or challenges regularly –  Competing with others seems like a part of our DNA and it always gives people a great feeling when they win something, even if it’s a small prize. Get the help of influencers or celebrities to promote your contest (if possible) because people care about their opinion. Otherwise, people will also automatically start sharing your content for the sake of winning.
  1. Provide trending information – Following the currently trending topics has become human nature now, be it for whatever reasons. Do your own analysis and come up with insights that no one offers on such topics. This will not only make your content unique but will also let people know that you have a unique opinion to which  people will start relating to as well. Creating content that revolves around or includes examples from trending topics will help your website gain a lot of loyal readers.


Creating engaging content is one of the most challenging parts of a marketing campaign. It is a slow process and needs a lot of effort. With regular posting of original and unique content, you will eventually reach where you want to. Don’t stick to just one of these tips, use your creativity to use a mix of these tips.