Instagram, one of the mostly used social media platform

How do you increase engagement on social media?

You can’t just post anything you want to post and expect a reaction. You need to intentional and think about what you post. When you post something, what is the reaction you’re looking for? Do you want to get saves from your content, likes? or engagement? Take the time to create content that is captivating and easy to relate to. Here are ways you can increase your engagement on social media.

1. Use a lot of images

People are always more visual so you need to create images that resonate with your audience. When posting an image, remember the size and quality matters. Find out what kind of image works better on whatever platform. For example, on snapchat, there’s a high chance a filtered photo will do better because they have a variety of filters. On Instagram, colourful photos do better and the caption will always help you get more shares and awareness.

2. Be comical

We are not saying you become mean or become sarcastic at all times. If you can, associate your brand with a bit of humour that will be memorable every once in a while. This can also be done with how you respond to comments, have you seen how Safaricom does it? They basically have a witty way of responding to comments that are usually funny and will definitely be popular. This doesn’t mean you force a joke every day, just do it once in a while.

3. Ask for feedback

Asking for feedback gives your audience a chance to feel like they matter. They will most likely give you their honest review and will feel included when you ask for their opinion. Respond to people’s feedback as this will motivate people to write their honest review which then gives you engagement.

4. Use emojis

Using emojis will help your readers read your tone a bit better than they would without the emojis. It also breaks the monotony of words so you can make your text more colourful and easy to read.

5. Do a giveaway

A good giveaway will always get your engagement up. You can do a giveaway for your products, tell your followers that they would need to comment, like and also tag someone. You will not only get the engagement you will also get shares and popularity.

6. Use videos

You can use videos to get people to stay on your platform longer and also engage with your content. You can also have a Q&A for your products so that way you can get to know your client’s needs and what they would like from you.

7. Ask for the comment, like and share

Never be afraid to ask for that like, share or comment as it will always go a long way. This makes your audience feel like their input is important and like they can actually make a difference. Make sure that you never leave comments unanswered especially when you’re trying to grow your brand. Always find new ways to ask people to share your content in a nice and engaging way.