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WhatsApp working on different dark modes for its iOS app


Along with the different settings for dark mode, WhatsApp will also introduce in-app streaming for Netflix trailers, as it had done for YouTube videos earlier.

Currently, most of the world’s most popular social apps already have a dark mode, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, however, WhatsApp has noticeably stuck with its white and grey design despite the release of iOS 13 and Android 10, both of which have their own system-wide dark modes.

Dark mode switches all of the glaringly white parts of the user interface to gloomier greys and pitch-blacks to make the experience easier on your eyes when using your smartphone late at night, while also saving battery life on devices with OLED panels.

WhatsApp has some good news coming to all dark mode lovers soon, the much-awaited feature will be rolled out soon for all the devices. Additionally, the Facebook-owned company is planning to also unveil a feature that will allow users to watch Netflix trailers within the app itself.

According to WABetainfo, the company is expected to introduce three different dark mode settings for iPhone users. In the first setting, the app makes use of a pitch-black colour theme for menu items and other interactive parts of the app. In the second setting, the messaging app will sport a slightly lighter, greyish tone found for all the menu items. This one seems like one that will prove most popular with smartphone owners with OLED screens – since the greater expanse of the pitch-black shade should see a battery life bump. The company is yet to disclose any details on the third settings. Although, it’s possible the latter will be the dark navy blue option spotted in some earlier beta versions.

“WhatsApp will automatically choose the configuration, based on the device accessibility settings, but it’s still too soon to say for sure since the feature is under development.”

WABetainfo report,
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Streaming of Netflix trailers within WhatsApp is the other feature expected to be introduced along with dark mode. Previously, WhatsApp introduced a similar feature for YouTube videos. Once rolled out, users will be able to watch Netflix trailers on their chat screens without switching over to another app.

“When you share a compatible Netflix link, WhatsApp will show a large thumbnail, with a Play icon”, the report stated. Upon tapping the ‘Play’ button, WhatsApp will show the video within the app itself. Currently, users are redirected to the Netflix app or its website for playing a video. WhatsApp supports playing videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and some other services within the app itself. WABetaInfo speculates that playing Netflix videos is currently available only on WhatsApp’s iOS app.