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12 Amazing Tricks To Make Your Landing Page Maximally Effective

The main problem of most modern landing pages is that they all look almost the same! But where is the creative approach, the fire and the design frenzy that gives the best results?

We have picked up 12 interesting design and content jams that will attract maximum visitors to your landing page!

Take a look, get inspired, bring your ideas into life, mix these tips with the ones you already know and don’t forget to conduct A/B testing – this is the only right way for creating killer landing pages!

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A good landing page is the best solution for increasing the effectiveness of promotion and attracting the maximum audience. But creating a good landing page in a studio is quite expensive. And if you don’t have enough money at the start, but you still need the best solution, you can create a landing using the best website builder you can find! Today, most small business owners do the same way.

  1. Extended forms

Usually, the landing pages use the standard application form with several fields. Most often, the client needs to provide contact information – first name, surname, mail or phone. But in some cases, it is better to create a more detailed form.

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For example, if you sell servers, make sure that the client, when filling out the form, can select the module, parameters, server tasks, add the ability to reset values ​​if the client made a mistake in entering. Don’t make these additional fields required, just add them in case.

You will get your leads in any case, even if there are only two or three fields in the form. But it will be interesting for the client to dig a little deeper. He will be able to pick up an exclusive option!

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  1. Two CTAs on one page

If there are two calls to action on the landing page at once, they reinforce each other: for example, “Create a free account” and “Download the product”.

Users click on both links, the conversion is growing, and the landing page does its job perfectly!

  1. Specific numbers (results of work)

This is not a new feature, but it is still working perfectly.

Show your customers the results of your work: the numbers are always more convincing than the abstract phrases like «we are the best» or «we have hundreds of successful projects» and so on. Thus, customers will be able to immediately see how many people have already joined the project, how many goals have been set, how many achievements have been made.

  1. Personalization

Faceless «one-size-fits-all» landing pages are the worst thing in the world. Bring life to your one-pager, add fire, and make it interesting a potential client.

For example, the «specific services» page can show photos of employees who are directly involved in the process.

  1. Place important information above the fold

Do not force users to scroll through the page to find basic product information. Try to locate the title, call to action, and theme image above the fold. All additional product information can be placed below.

  1. Convenient question-and-answer form

On many landing pages and sites, you can ask a question only using the classic form. And this means that the customer needs to specify the name and surname, leave the phone and email. Sometimes the customer even has to deal with captcha.

We know that this all is about getting leads. But there is another option – to connect your question-and-answer form to a social network. If the visitor is registered in it, he does not need to fill in anything – just to write down his question! It’s convenient for both the client and the owner – the customer’s contacts are here, and you can continue working with him.

  1. Customer reviews

You can always add customers’ testimonials to the website. But no way you can prove that these testimonials are not fake.

To convince your visitors, add some customer reviews from Instagram with links to users’ accounts. Thus, your visitor can follow the link and check it out!

  1. Show the results of your work

Here’s a good example: you are selling an application with which you can apply various filters to photos using a mobile phone. To make your landing page effective, add beautiful examples of photos processed in this application to it!

What could be simpler and more ingenious? The user immediately sees the result and quickly makes a purchasing decision.

  1. People just love lists

People are attracted to pages with bulleted lists than to pages with plain text (70% versus 55%).

It is indeed much easier to read, for example, the product features when they are presented in the format of a bulleted list.

  1. Use visual elements

If the purpose of the landing is to lead the user to a conversion action, then all the elements should push him to this.

You can use different visual techniques, for example, color, structure or images. A person should glance over it, see at all the key elements and finally come to the CTA button.

  1. Hover-effect

There are many ways to draw attention to certain elements and make your landing page look both dynamic and unusual. For example, when you hover the mouse, the pictures change color, increase, zoom in and out.

This is a very popular feature of all good landing pages. See for yourself: check out these event landing page examples!

  1. Split layouts

Split-screen is a very effective design technique. The point is to draw the user’s attention to every part of the screen – so that the visitor will see all the information you want him to see.

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