Fenix connects over 200K people to solar within its 1st year in Benin


Fenix International, a Next-generation energy company and subsidiary of ENGIE, has connected 40,000 households to solar power in Benin, representing 200,000 people, within just one year of launching sales in the country.

Fenix International, which is 100% owned by Engie, surpassed its previous rapid growth rates and deployed its solar home systems to customers who pay for the kits via installments like in its other markets.

In October 2017, ENGIE acquired solar home system company Fenix International which was already present in six countries in Africa. This deal gave ENGIE an edge on solar energy in Africa, giving it access to over 500,000 customers, improving the quality of life for over 2.5 million people in Uganda, Zambia, Nigeria, Benin, Cote d’Ivoire and Mozambique.

Pay-as-you-go solar

Only 34% of Beninois have access to electricity, with rural residents still further behind at a 16% electrification rate.

According to Brian Warshawsky, CEO of Fenix International, “In 2019, it’s unconscionable that 600 million people across Africa still lack access to electricity. I’m thrilled that we’re making a difference in the lives of 40,000 Beninois households and 200,000 people, providing access not only to clean solar power, but also to financial empowerment.”

Power and financial empowerment

!It’s a testament to the strength of our team in Benin that we were able to grow so rapidly, and I look forward to seeing their accomplishments going forward,” he added.

Fenix is allowing customers to pay for the 10 to 50 watt solar home systems over time, with small mobile money payments making them affordable even for low-income families and opens a path to financial inclusion via a Fenix credit score and upgrades to larger systems and additional services.

Expanding energy access across Africa

ENGIE Africa, led by CEO Yoven Mooroven, is expanding energy access across Africa. ENGIE Power Corner provides mini-grids in Tanzania, Zambia and in Western Africa. The firm recently acquired Mobisol to sell larger solar home systems in East Africa while Fenix focusing on ultra-affordable PAYGO systems in six markets.

Fenix Benin has 140 employees in the country charged with bringing clean light and power to all those without electricity across Benin. Apart from solar lighting, Fenix systems allow customers to access an on-grid experience with TVs, radios, additional accessories, and financial and product upgrades.

Clean light and power

“We will continue to work tirelessly to illuminate the next 40,000 homes, then the next 100,000, until everyone across Benin has a clean, well-lit home free from the dangers of polluting fossil fuels,” said Philippe Robert, Managing Director of Fenix Benin. “Reaching 40,000 households in just a year is a huge milestone for our team to accomplish, but it is only the beginning for us.”