Android 10 rolls out to Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e  mobiles


Android 10 is now available on Samsung variants of the Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e mobiles in the US market.

Android 10 gives control over the privacy of your device. Users can adjust all privacy settings in one place,  decide what data to be stored and control when the location is shared with other apps.

The software as well allows you to opt-out of retargeting and personalized adverts. With the new software, important security updates and privacy fixes are sent directly to your phone.

The Android 10 software first rolled out to google pixels phones in the US by early September this year. Earlier on, the update had been scheduled for early 2020.

According to 9to5google, the update has come along with One UI 2 upgrade which upgrades Samsung and googles improvements to android as well.

However, the update is currently available in the US market region only. Other regions might expect the rollout to take place early January or in the coming days before the year ends.

Reportedly, most Android releases for users on none Google carriers often wait for their carriers to bring the software to their devices. For instance, In 2018, Samsung did not receive the Android pie until January this year.

However, users have to check for the update in the settings interface for a manual update.

According to the verge blog, AT & T  and Verizon have confirmed that they indeed have the update.

T-Mobile did not respond but a website support document suggests that the software was released.

Verizon notes that the update is available in the settings but can be manually updated as well.

Notable features of Android 10

The software comes with the newest ways to control privacy, customize a  phone and get things done more easily.

For instance,  the software allows room for live caption, you can automatically caption media playing on your phone, videos, podcasts and audio messages.

The software suggests message responses. For instance, when someone asks you out for dinner the software generates a reply for you.

In addition to that, it will as well pull direction from google maps for the suggested venue.

The software comes with anew sound amplifier, your phone can boost sound, filter background noise and fine-tune to hear you.

Thirdly, the upgrade allows for gesture navigation.

Gestures are quicker and more intuitive. You can go backwards and forwards, pull up the home screen and swipe up to see other open apps.

Android 10 also supports a dark theme. Androids new dark theme uses true black to keep users battery alive longer as well as make it easy for your eyes to navigate through reads.