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House of Representatives Passes Bill Barring Government From Purchasing Huawei Gear

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Chinese telecoms giant Huawei has for months now been on the radar with the US-China wars.

Last month, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposed a bill to bar telecom service providers from using the government subsidy funds to buy equipment from ZTE and Huawei.

The ban is pegged on fears that Huawei and ZTE. The two telecoms have close ties with the Chinese government and military apparatus which makes make them a threat to the US.

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In May, the current US President Donald Trump moved to block American companies from transacting business with Huawei.

Following the ban by FCC in November. The US House of Representatives has as well voted in favour of legislation to prevent the government from using funds to help carriers buy Huawei’s equipment.

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According to the legislation, the move is critical to protect America’s wireless networks from malicious foreign interference. Companies like Huawei and its affiliates pose a significant threat to America’s commercial and security interests.

This is because communication providers rely heavily on Huawei’s equipment.

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The draft legislation now faces a vote from the senate to prevent the FCC from providing funds to carriers to purchase equipment from suspect carriers.

According to The Hill, the bills require the FCC to establish $1 billion programs to help small and rural communication providers replace suspect equipment with more secure equipment.

However, Huawei is yet to comment on its position following the legislation.

Previously, the company had a petitioned a US court to help them overturn the ban. With this new legislation in place. It stands out that, Huawei might lose the battle.

Despite the company receiving several temporary reprieves, they are all in favour of giving time the local carriers to find alternatives to Huawei’s equipment and not in their favour.

Following the initial ban, Huawei has taken several survival strides to keep them afloat in the market.

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From TechMoran’s previous highlights, rumours leaked out that Huawei Mate 30 devices contain no US parts. The company through its in-house semiconductor HiSilicon is working on alternatives to make its chip.

Additionally, it’s alleged that the company is stockpiling US components. This is in the event the ban happens whilst some services are still independent in the US.

Huawei as well announced the rollout of it’s proprietary  Harmony OS come 2020. Several devices already operate on the OS, for example, the Honor TV and smartwatches.

The company foresees a big opportunity to scale the OS in China across Multiple device categories and build a robust developer community with the backing of the Chinese government.

The  Chinese government is pushing for a ‘national OS’  become less reliant on foreign providers like Microsoft and Google.

There is a high possibility for Huawei to survive the clash.

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