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Glovo Defends Brand In Twitter Fued Against Delivery of Alcohol To Teenagers

by Val Lukhanyu
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Glovo has released a statement to defend its brand against the accusations made by a twitter user.

The tweeter David Mugo claims the brand was on its way to deliver alcohol to his teens who are  16-year-old and the Courrier almost finalized the transaction without any identity verification.

This is based on the regulations of the country. Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to purchase or consume alcohol.

According to the statement, the brand notes that it does not tolerate the distribution of age-restricted items to minors. In the defence statement, the  brands also note that their  terms and conditions indicate that when requesting items of such  type consumers must confirm that they meet the minimum age as required by

While the statement goes ahead to argue that their couriers request consumer produce a valid identity card.  Upon delivery, all they request for is the cash. If a courier has any reason to suspect that the consumer is under the legal
age and the consumer is unable to produce a valid  ID upon request.  then the courier reserves the right to refuse to complete the order at the point of delivery.

However, the agitated tweeter argued otherwise. He notes that the courier was ready to process the transaction without asking for any proof.

He added Glovo has no way of verifying ages of anyone who orders alcohol and they only care to make a sale. DCI should stop them from selling alcohol until they can show they can verify age.

Other Twitter users joined the conversation, in agreement that, the brand does not verify the age of consumers beyond the age request on their login site which cannot be certain as users lie.

they argued the company to put control measures on their platform. No teenager would genuinely click away because of fo the age restrictions.

The app specializes in delivering whatever customers want including alcohol, tobacco, nicotine
products and other age-restricted items. Teenagers could have found a scapegoat on online apps to buy alcohol because the verification processes are shallow.

However, the company insists that they uphold the highest standards and processes.  when it comes to the sale of age-restricted items as per the Kenyan law.

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