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TCL Will Be Unveiling Next Generation Mini-LED TVs at CES 2020

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Mini-LED is the latest  TV technology, currently available in TCL’s 8-series TV. It offers better contrast, improved picture quality compared to the standard LCD-based TV series.

TCL is set to unveil an all-new series of Tv’s featuring improved versions of the Mini-Led backlight technology ahead of CES 2020.

The Mini-LED backlight technology enables LED/LCD televisions to boast better black levels, higher contrast and tackle OLED panels in terms of picture quality head-on.

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The company adds that the new models will come with Quantum Contrast tech. This results in a display that delivers unrivalled contrast and brilliant clarity.

“TCL will be thrilled to be at tech’s biggest show and stand on tech’s grandest stage to share our latest Mini-LED developments alongside our vision for the industry in the daily improving AI and IoT age,” said company CEO, Kevin Wang.

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 TCL is the first TV maker with a mini-LED TV. Mini-LED’s are as well affordable than the existing LCD TV technology.

Mini-LED Verses MicroLED

Micro-Led is a new generation display technology. It has a  thinner backlight, LED units smaller than 100 micrometres.

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MicroLED displays,  use millions of LEDs, one for each pixel. Each individual MicroLED is tiny, which means the modular nature of the Micro-Led can be gigantic

Micro LED has a simpler structure with better performance. Mini LED is a transitional technology between traditional LED and Micro LED. It is an improved version of a traditional LED backlight.

Mini LEDs deliver best in backlight applications in power-saving, thinner HDR, and notch design displays. For example, displays of smartphones, TVs, automotive displays, and gaming notebooks.  Micro LED, on the other hand, is applied to wearable handsets, smartphones, automotive displays, augmented reality/virtual reality products, displays wall and televisions.

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Mini LED technology offers the best results when it comes to mass technology which is less difficult than Micro LED. Most of the existing equipment can be used for mass production of Mini LED

In addition, Mini LED is more economical due to its potential in LCD display backlight market

Additionally, ahead of the CES week, LG and Samsung will be unveiling its first  ‘8K Ultra HD’ resolution that’s been industry-certified. With the certification, the company can confidently use the ‘8K Ultra HD’ logo on its products, starting with LG’s line of ‘Real 8K TV.

8K provides double the resolution of 4K. It is 16 times the pixels of HD and four times the pixels of 4K. On a scale, 8K resolution equates to 7,680 × 4,320, or 33 million pixels  instead of 3,840 × 2,160  equal 8,294,400 pixels.


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