Making Better Quality Videos for Better Ads


With the meteoric rise of social media sharing over the last decade, video ads have become vital to the online advertising community. 

Once costly to produce, video ads are becoming more accessible to small businesses, and here’s how you can get started with a few handy tips. 


The most important first step for making any professionally produced video ad is to plan out each shot, your lines, backdrop, etc. This way you have a written plan to guide you along the process for actually producing the video. We find that planning your production is a great way to prevent getting stuck or lost with what should come next. 

Important steps include:

  • Gathering Relevant Data 
  • Checklist of Equipment
  • Evaluation of Potential Sets
  • Hiring Producers
  • Storyboarding 
  • Determining Audience

Planning can be an intensive process, but keep in mind when writing lines and choosing actors what you are trying to advertise and who your audience is. Having a good grasp on the intended audience will provide a solid foundation to work from during and after production. 

The Competition 

A great way to see what you should be working toward in terms of planning is to take a look at what the competition is doing, and decide on how you can do it better, improve on their weaknesses, and come up with an original video that it sure to impress. 

If your video ad is to stand up to the local competition, it should be at leas as well made as there video are as a general principal. Many people are not very good at video editing, as it can be technical and meticulous, but there are plenty of freelance videographers and editors out there ready to provide assistance. 


Also known as a ‘unique value proposition’, a UVP is simply an organized plan for how exactly you want to make your video special, and what will set it apart from the rest, whether its an animated mascot, pyrotechnics, or special effects. 

These propositions are largely determined by your budget; so don’t go over the top with expensive effects and such. Some of the best developments in film have been born out of budget constraints causing content creators to have to be creative!

Post Editing Technique 

Perhaps the most important part of any video production is the editing of the ad after all of the filming has been completed. This is where your ad will take shape after countless takes, clips, and sound bytes have been stitched together to make a complete video ad. 

Many people regard this stage as the most difficult because it is a technical and time consuming process that can involve hours of work, and so the best option for many small businesses is to hire freelance editors and videographers or to hire a Miami Internet marketing agency to produce their video ads at cost. 

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Before a video ad can even be conceived of, you must have some sort of audience in mind that you will be advertising to. Try to envision someone outside your business watching your ad and come up with a plan based on who your audience is, and what these person’s motivations are. 

There are many tools for getting a good idea of your local audience, like polling results, recent trends, social media subjects, and so on. Study your local audience intensely so you can confidently move forward knowing the video ad you are producing will have the intended effect. 

Video Ad Production 

Producing video ads might seem like a complicated and expensive ordeal, but some of the most widely shared content on the Internet is wholly amateur in its nature. If you wish to see real results from your next marketing push, consider producing videos that engage your audience and prompt interaction. 

A Miami Internet Marketing Agency might be just what you need to get your next campaign off the ground, so start planning and you’ll be shooting in no time!