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5 Most Influential Kenyan YouTubers

by Vanessa Waithera
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Here are the most influential YouTubers in Kenya.

Vlogging is actually not as easy as it seems. Building a YouTube page and an audience is actually hard just like academic writing without thesis writing help. YouTube used to be known for music only but then we caught up with what it’s about and some people have become influential on it for that reason. Kenyan vloggers tend to share their life experiences with everyone else. But, among the many Kenyan Youtubers, there are some who stand out as the best. Below is a list of Kenyan Youtubers and we will discuss what makes them tick and why they have many subscribers.

1. The Green Calabash

The Green Calabash has over 21,000 subscribers with 2,183,548 views. She shares her family’s journey, her joys and challenges that they go through. Though some people as if she shares a bit too much about her life, her tips are real and have helped many mothers and families as well. Shiku has posted videos in which one or more of the members of her family have been sick and how they handled that. She is friendly and interactive with her subscribers.

2. Mandi Sarro

Mandi is known for her great cooking skills. The reason her following has grown so much over the years is because she uses Kenyan ingredients that are easy to find and recipes that are easy to follow. Mandi Sarro is known as the Throwdown queen, as is also a Kenyan media personality and food blogger. She is a radio presenter at Capital FM. She shares videos of herself cooking different meals using easy-to-follow menus. She also includes all the ingredients she has used in the making the food. In her videos, she gives her interpretation of making food which is one of the reasons that has made her one of the successful Young Kenyan Youtubers.

3. Nancie Mwai

Nancie has a great following both on IG and YouTube at the same time. She is a social media queen, she has such a niche because she is a beauty and a fashion goddess. She has over 18,000 subscribers and over 1.2 million views in her channel. Nancie started her channel in 2010 to share her passion for fashion, makeup and skin care. She posts videos every week where she shares some helpful pointers and trick videos to help you in improving your looks and appearance if you are interested. Read more:

4. Over Twenty Five

Four ladies began posting their opinions about love and relationships. The Over Twenty Five channel explores the life of a twenty-something girl who works in Nairobi whether they are single or married. The four ladies share on a variety of topics. They talk about some basic life hacks, love and money, what men hate, and any other topics which interest them. The ladies are quite funny, sassy and unapologetic.

5. This Is Ess

Sharon Mundia is very good at keeping her personal life private while also sharing meaningful tips that women can use since she talks about her motherhood journey at the same time  she has her  she has a travel diary where she shares the videos of the beautiful tourist destinations she frequents. She shares her experiences of the things she sees like the wildlife, sea and the hotel she stays in. While on these vacations, she shares fashion and beauty tips, like what to wear while on these trips.

For some reason Kenyan men are not much of vloggers, I guess it’s because women are easier to form a community on social media generally.

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