vivo Smartphone APEX 2020 Concept Phone Coming February 28

vivo Smartphone will be launching their 2020 concept phone dubbed ‘APEX’ on Friday, February 28th in an online-only event.  The device was scheduled for launch during the recently cancelled Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.
GSMA cancelled the MWC event due to coronavirus concerns globally which made it impossible to hold the event.  Bowing to the inevitable, most smartphone makers are now launching their devices in online-only events.
The device will outline vivo Smartphones next line of devices from the design process and features of their next flagships.
Prior to the launch, vivo has released a couple of teasers to stir the hype before the event revealing some of the notable features of the device.
The images shared also give a sneak-peek at the front and back of the device which will employ a port-less design just like on the 2019 concept device.
The teaser also shows a curved screen on the sides and a number “120” running from top to bottom. This could be a  hint for a 120HZ refresh rate or 120-degree display. The panel will come with a 120Hz refresh rate while the sides will feature second-generation pressure-sensitive on-screen buttons.
The front of the vivo APEX 2020 will house a 6.45-inch screen with an extreme 120-degree curve on both sides.

The 2019 vivo APEX concept phone had a “waterfall display” with 88-degree curved edges. The number 120 could also be an indicator for the future design of the vivo phones.

Standing at either on the 120HZ refresh rate or 120-degree curve or both.

The first vivo APEX concept phone at the MWC 2018  introduced the world to pop-up selfie cameras, while last year’s model hinted at the Nex 3’s curved glass and virtual buttons.

Let’s wait for the 2020 package possibly to come with more technological advancements than the previous concepts.