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Google Contacts Regains Ability to Create Multiple Contacts

by Val Lukhanyu
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Google contacts on the web have regained the ability to quickly create multiple contacts.  The feature was disabled last year in favour of the material theme redesign to match Gmail and Android App.

The ability to create multiple contacts with Google Contacts on the web is widely rolled out for personal and G Suite accounts.

The new contacts now It fits in well with Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, and other Google apps with Material Theme. It also spills over from the Android app.

There are two options to create contacts. First,  you can tap on the create contact tab complete with a multi-colored plus sign — in the top-left corner which  reveals two options: “Create a contact” and “Create multiple contacts.”

The second option opens a dialogue to “Add names, email addresses, or both” by just entering addresses, specifically by copying and pasting from the header of an email thread you might be a part of.

This joins the existing option to import contacts by CSV or vCard file, but more direct as users can just type and separate with a comma.

Adding multiple contacts on Google contacts

1. You can create multiple contacts Under labels by creating a label (at the bottom of the list of existing labels)

2. Create a label (you can use one of the email addresses of contacts you want in the group).

3. Go to create contacts then select multiple contacts
4. Cut and paste all the email address in, and select the label you just created.

Deleting multiple contacts

Google contacts also gives you the option to delete multiple contacts. To delete the contacts, check the box next to all contacts you want to delete. On the top left click more actions then click delete.


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