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vivo Unveils Third Generation of The APEX Concept Smartphone

vivo has unveiled the third generation of its APEX concept smartphone – APEX 2020. The device builds on the success of its previous generations to feature more cutting-edge technologies, while also showcasing vivo’s continuing pursuit of head-turning aesthetics.

APEX 2020 comes  120° FullView Edgeless Display that removes side edges and bezels from the front view. With the In-Display Camera and vivo Wireless Super FlashCharge 60W. APEX 2020 has a Super Unibody Design with no openings. 

This feature showcases Vivo’s latest achievements and future plans to offer extraordinary visual effects and enhanced future photography. And also displaying a major breakthrough in visual effects. 

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 “APEX is never a mere ‘concept’ or a glimpse of ‘imagination’. It’s a creation that goes beyond any previous experience brought by mobile technology. Through APEX 2020, we are proud to see vivo’s vision come to life as a technology company. We continue to push the boundaries of mobile technology and explore what lies beyond the ordinary. The APX 2020 showcases our ambition to achieve our aspirations step-by-step. vivo will continue to put APEX’s innovative technologies into practice. The technology will give a chance to more consumers to be empowered.” said Harry Hong, General Manager of Product, vivo Kenya. 

The APEX 2020 carries on vivo’s pursuit of a truly FullView Display and Super Unibody design. A 6.45-inch curved display that bends up to 120° on both sides. This helps remove side edges and bezels from the front view and results in an ultra bezel-less display.

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Physical buttons are replaced with a virtual pressure-sensing button for aesthetic and practical considerations. APEX 2020 is another perfect fusion of visual effect, natural touch and human-device interaction. 

vivo APEX 2020 specifications

The In-Display Camera of APEX 2020 unleashes the new possibility of a non-mechanical front camera. The “invisible” front camera presents a Super Unibody design with no openings and expands the internal space. 

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Through innovation in screen pixel layout and circuit design, APEX 2020 has successfully increased the light transmittance of the screen right above the front camera to 6 times of the other part of the screen, and effectively reduces optical interference, diffraction and stray flashes. 

 The 16MP front camera features a 4-in-1 super-pixel photosensitive chip, realizing the innovation of capturing clear images with the In-Display Camera.

. APEX 2020 comes with Continuous Optical Zoom, becoming the world’s first smartphone equipped with high-magnification continuous zoom. It can achieve continuous optical zoom under high magnifications between 5x-7.5x. It can as well produce images in high resolution and quality rather than filling focal lengths through digital magnification.

Users are able to preserve the clarity of all moments by effectively enhancing every detail.

It comes with a “4-group lens combination. Two fixed lenses and two movable lenses, which achieves high-magnification continuous zoom and real-time focus at one time. It supports a 6.2 mm periscope structure which makes it possible for the professional-grade lens to be incorporated into the APEX’s ultra-thin body.

To further enhance the image quality, vivo has incorporated a leading multi-frame algorithm so that scenery from afar can also be easily captured.

The gimbal-like structure into APEX 2020’s main camera. It achieves optical stabilization in the front-back and left-right inclined directions with enhanced performance. Its stabilization angle is 200% extended.

This feature greatly reduces the blurring caused by a shaky hand. Users can also enjoy videography with smoothness. It as well supports stable handheld shooting effectively extend the exposure time so that APEX 2020 also has a stronger capacity for night photography

The APEX 2020 features the revolutionary vivo Wireless Super FlashCharge 60W, which recharges a handset with a 2000mAh battery in only 20 minutes, offering a faster charging experience than conventional wired flash charging.

Other than that, APEX 2020 is also equipped with 3rd Generation Screen SoundCasting Technology, Instant Photobomb Removal and Voice Tracking Auto-Focus. Bringing an all-round user experience.  


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