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Reddit Launches New ad Product for Brands to Buy 24 Hours of Placement on Site

Reddit has launched Trending Takeovers. A  new ad product that allows brands to buy up to 24 hours of placement on the sites popular feed and the search tab.

Trending Takeover ad product will allow brands to reach even more potentials. Popular feed alone is used by a third of the site’s visitors daily. The Search tab also reaches millions every day.

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“With a maximum campaign life of 24 hours.  Trending Takeover will align brands with the most popular and relevant trends and conversations of the day” according to Reddit blog.

The ad allows the brands’ campaigns to run across the largest trends on Reddit’s site for 24 hours, Reddit says. The trends section is where users can see what’s currently buzzing and being discussed across the site. Similar to the Trends section on Twitter, which can also be targeted by advertisers.

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In addition to the increased visibility. The benefit of this sort of ad format is that. A campaign can be designed to align with what’s being talked about in real-time during the day it runs.

Reddit already offers programming advertising where advertisers the ability to run campaigns across its site in order to raise brand awareness, drive conversions or generate website traffic, app installs or video views, among other things.

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Noting from the Reddit blog, “Reddit is home to more than 430 million monthly active users.  engaging deeply within 100,000+ interest-based communities. One-third of whom visit Reddit’s Popular feed every day. As a platform where the majority of users believe that Reddit influences cultural trends. And millions of searches are conducted daily. The new Trending Takeover product gives advertisers access to millions of Reddit users who are in an active, information-gathering mindset”

The Trending Takeover Experience

Users will see the Trending Takeover ad unit in the second slot of the Trending Today module on Reddit’s Popular feed, as well as the second slot of the Trending Today drop-down in Reddit’s Search tab.

The feature is similar to organic trends on Reddit, clicking on a Trending Takeover ad in the ‘Trending Today’ module within Search or Popular will drive users to a landing page featuring conversations, posts, and communities relating to handpicked advertiser keywords.

Advertisers have the ability to promote their campaign next to the largest trends on Reddit. Advertisers will also be able to spotlight their trend on the Trending Takeover landing page, driving further engagement and visibility.


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