Apple extends free trials for its pro creative apps


Apple will be temporarily extending free trials on the Final Cut Pro X, a video editing software, and Logic Pro X a music production suite from the previous 30 days to 90 days. A move that will give potential customers with limited access to also try out the software.

The extension is currently available for the Final Cut Pro X. And will be rolled out to the Logic Pro X in the coming days.

Following the current COVID-19 pandemic, there have been so many bottlenecks surrounding people, companies and businesses. Especially due to social distancing, most people are working from home or on self-quarantine. Which means businesses are slow or not in operation at all.

Apple joins other software companies that have resorted to extending free trials and offers on their products. For instance, Agora services, offering financial institutions cloud-based services have waived their set up fee and plans to defer payments for three months during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Another case is Avid, which is issuing a limited number of free 90-day licences for Pro Tools.

This has been an ongoing trend among most companies especially service providers.

According to an Apple spokesperson, the company hopes the promotion will  greatly benefit creative Mac users,  especially to those students, who pride in creating and learning in new environments…”

At the moment, the Logic Pro X retails for $199.99 while the Final Cut Pro X goes for $299.99. Apple says that the extended trial is already live for Final Cur Pro X. Which will be honoured for recent downloads, while Logic Pro X should gain the extended trial in the coming days. However, they haven’t mentioned when exactly the trials will end.