StarTimes rolls out home schooling program for students


StarTimes Kenya has rolled out a homeschooling program “Elimu TV”  that will enable primary and high school students to continue learning through audiovisual programming that will be available to subscribers on the platform.

Elimu TV that has a key focus on secondary school students. It has over 2,000 educational videos specifically geared towards the 8-4-4 system of education. The TV program will be available at no subscription cost in the month of April with the introduction of the local education channel being a significant step towards the delivery of homeschooling content during this period and will include live lessons by experienced teachers.

StarTimes has also introduced a new channel for primary school students, Mindset Learn. The channel will broadcast lessons on several subjects such as Mathematics, physical and life Science. Additionally, the broadcaster has adjusted programming on various children channels among them ST Kids and Baby TV with the introduction of homeschooling content to cater for primary education through creative animated lessons including science, handcraft, painting, and music.

Speaking on these developments, StarTimes Regional Marketing Director Mr. Aldrine Nsubuga noted there is a need to have content aimed at encouraging students to continue learning away from school.

“We want to make sure that every student stays safe at home. And access a variety of audiovisual lessons tailored to their requirements. With these channels and updated content. We are confident learning will not stop and that the school programming will go a long way. And they will keep up with their peers while learning at home,” noted Mr. Nsubuga.

Subscribers will also be in a position to access the content on the company’s over the top platform StarTimes ON which will enable users to broadcast the content live and replay the same on mobile devices at their convenience.