Facebook announces new Messenger desktop app Mac OS and Windows


Facebook has recently announced a new messenger app for Mac and Windows. The launch comes after the company recorded a 100 per cent increase in audio and video calling.

The new messenger app will enable Facebook users to make video calls from their desktop. The app will also support chats just the mobile version. Currently, the app is available on Microsoft store for windows 10 and Mac App Store for OS X 10.10 or later.

“Now more than ever, people are using technology to stay in touch with the people they care about, even when physically apart. Over the past month, we saw more than a 100% increase in people using their desktop browser for audio and video calling on Messenger. Now with apps for macOS and Windows, the best of Messenger is coming to desktop, including unlimited and free group video calls.”

Some of the highlights on the messenger app include group video calls on a larger screen which means you can stay in touch with friends and family without necessarily having to meet them.

The messenger app is easy to connect. As well, you are ankle to multitask as your chats are easily accessible. You can also enable chat sync so that you never miss a call or an update at any time.

Additionally, the app allows notifications while still giving you full control to either mute or snooze at any time.  you can quickly find the chat you’re looking for.

Compared to the mobile app, the larger desktop screen gives you a great view and easy connection with anyone you are friends with on Facebook. This will also reduce the use of emails or phone calls significantly.  A major win is on the dark mode and the fact that it allows you to multitask.