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Pornhub Reports an Increase Especially After Coronavirus Outbreak

by Vanessa Waithera
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As the coronavirus continues to spread, health officials around the world have called on the public to practice social distancing.

Schools have closed, major events have been canceled, and employees have been encouraged, or forced, to work from home.

For some, these disruptions to daily life have resulted in a lot of stress and additional free time, which has apparently boosted Pornhub views. No surprise there.

The popular adult site released some statistics that shed more light on the pandemic’s effect on its web traffic.

“As the coronavirus spread around the world, Pornhub’s traffic did grow, but perhaps more interesting, we found that people were choosing to visit Pornhub at different times,” the report read.Pornhub’s worldwide traffic 5.7 percent higher than usual for a Wednesday.”

The platform’s statisticians found that 2 a.m. was 11 percent higher than usual, while the 8 a.m. traffic took a 9 percent lower than the average.

Pornhub suspects these changes were due to the surge of remote work, as “people who did not need to commute to work the next day stayed up later and slept in longer than they normally would.”

According to the data, average traffic increased across 30 countries on March 11. There was a 2.5 percent spike in the U.S. and Canada, 5.9 percent in Spain, 8.2 percent in the United Kingdom, and 10. 9 percent in the Netherlands. The biggest surge, however, was the 13.8 percent surge in Italy, which was placed under a national quarantine on March 9.

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