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How to Install IPA Files on iPhone using AppCake Installer

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AppCake is a well-known name, especially among jailbreakers, given that it used to be a well-known tweak for installing IPA files onto the iPhone or iPad. At one time, that was the only way we could do this, but things have changed in recent years. Now that jailbreaks are thin on the ground, many App developers have made their tweaks available outside of Cydia, and AppCake is one of those tweaks.

What is AppCake?

It is a free iOS app platform for installing unsigned IPA files to the iPhone or iPad. Until now, Cydia Impactor was the best way of doing this without a jailbreak, but AppCake offers far more. With Cydia Impactor, you need to provide the IPA file, and you are limited to installing just three files on your device; AppCake is more like an app store, holding many thousands of app and game IPA files and there is no limit to what you can download.

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Released in 2008, AppCake was developed by iPhonecake and distributed by iPASTORE. It fully supports all iOS devices from iOS 9 up and has been updated with support for iOS 13.

Install AppCake on iOS 13

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This is simple enough to do, and you do not need to install Cydia first – you can still jailbreak if you want to as AppCake works on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. Be aware that enterprise certificates are used to sign unsigned apps, and Apple may revoke these:

  1. Open the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad and install AppCake from the linked page.
  2. Tap Install on the popup message asking for permission
  3. The AppCake icon will go on your home screen when the download is finished.
  4. Open your Settings app and tap on General
  5. Go to Profiles and Device Management and find the new app profile
  6. Tap on it and tap on Trust – you can now use AppCake for all your apps and games

You also have the option of signing external IPA files:

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  1. Download the IPA for the app you want, using Safari
  2. Send the file to AppCake
  3. Open AppCake, tap the file in Downloads and wait for it to be installed

AppCake Features

AppCake is full of cool features. Where you once needed to jailbreak to use it, now you don’t, and any iOS user can take advantage of the features on offer. Here’s what you can get with AppCake:

  • Free to use
  • Updated to support iOS 13
  • All the content is categorized so you can find exactly what you want easily
  • A choice of jailbreak tools to download, including Electra and Unc0ver
  • Thousands of IPA files, including popular apps and games, streaming apps, and more
  • Built-in search facility – find your app or game even faster

On top of these, AppCake also provides a File Manager where you can monitor the progress of your downloads and manage all your downloaded files easily. A built-in web server makes it easy to get access to all of your downloads via any web browser, and that brings another benefit – you can download and upload files between your computer and your iOS device very easily.

Plus, you get to customize the AppCake settings – you can set the ap to install your apps immediately they finish downloading, so you don’t have to manually do it, and there are options for fixing app crashes on iOS 12 and iOS 13, although these are rare.


AppCake contains thousands of apps, many of which are premium apps for free. This is a form of piracy, and we neither encourage nor condone it. Please be responsible in your use of AppCake and use it as a way of trying apps and games before you purchase them from the official developer. We will not take any responsibility for your use of the app.

Is AppCake Safe?

Yes, it is. The developers monitor it al the time and fix any issues immediately – you must install any update they release to ensure your safety. And, because there is no need to jailbreak, you do not hack your device and compromise the security Apple has in place. We tested the app and found no spyware, adware, malware, or viruses, and you do not need your Apple ID either.

AppCake is free to use, so give it a go today and see how you get on.

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Okii Eli
Okii Eli
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