Tinder will let you swipe through profiles from anywhere around the world


Tinder is testing a new feature that will let users swipe through profiles from any location in the world. Tinder is beginning testing among some members in the next few weeks.

Daters will have the option to swipe through profiles in other countries for free to both premium and free users. The Global Mode will be available in the coming months.

“Our Gen Z members have been telling us for some time they want to meet people across the globe, and our new world order, paired with our distinctive global scale, solidifies that demand. We already had plans to open geographic filters, and now we’ve accelerated them,” a Tinder spokesperson said

Earlier on, Tinder introduced Passport, a paid feature that would let daters dip into other cities to swipe. The company had made Passport free for April for customers across the globe to reach each other.

Through the tinder blog post, Tinder announced it will make Passport free to cushion customers. “In this challenging time, we see Tinder members finding new ways to connect. As an area becomes more affected by physically-isolating measures, we see new conversations happening there and those conversations last longer. This epidemic is also changing the tenor of connection in the hardest-hit places.  More people are using Tinder bios to show their concern for others instead of their life motto. Many of our current subscribers are even reaching out across the world, using the Passport feature, to find solidarity with matches 1000s of miles away.  And that’s why we made our Passport feature, which allows you to connect with anyone, anywhere in the world, available for free to all members through April 30th”

Tinder, like other applications, has had a surge in usage. Since the introduction of the social distancing rule, people have resorted to virtual meeting ups while staying safe at home. Introducing the feature now will be an advantage to millions of users confined in their homes to beat the pandemic.