Monday, August 8, 2022
Monday, August 8, 2022
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How To Consistently Post Content On Your YouTube Channel

by Vanessa Waithera
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Everyone has thought of starting a YouTube channel at some point and some people went ahead and started one. But creating and posting content on YouTube is not easy, it needs consistency especially when you’re not making money. However, YouTube has a lot of potential when you really give it your best. But how do you post consistently? and effectively?

1. Schedule your time well

Scheduling your time is the key to consistency. It will help keep you on track and from getting overwhelmed, especially if you have other responsibilities. Schedule days to plan, days to shoot, days to edit, and days to schedule! Schedule everything, because it will help you stay on track. It will help you remember what you need to get done and what you’ve already gotten done.

Do not stray from that schedule once you have established it. This means month to month (or week to week, depending on what your preference is). Don’t change your schedule timeline around every single time because it will quickly get overwhelming and confusing. Of course, if something important comes up, you should absolutely rearrange your schedule. Otherwise, keep your timeline consistent.

2. Film a batch of videos at once

Pick one day out of the month to shoot your videos, and then make sure you have every other part of the process prepared. The amount of videos depends on how many you plan on putting out a week. If you plan to upload two a week, plan to batch shoot at least 8 videos at once.

Schedule the shoot day way in advance and make sure you have everything that you’ll need ready. Make sure all your equipment is charged.

3. Create a checklist

Checklist, checklists, checklists! They are your very best friends, so make sure you stick to them! Make an overall checklist that includes everything you’ll need: equipment, tasks to do before the shooting, tasks for editing, and general information that you know you’ll need to remember. Write it down and do not lose it. Make several copies of it and keep them in different places, like your bags and around your office and studio.

If you’re really organized, you can make individual checklists for each part of the filming process. A checklist for equipment, a checklist for the day before filming, a checklist for the day of filming, an editing checklist—the possibilities are endless!

4. Create a content calendar

Create a content calendar that has all the content you would like to share. Have a theme for your videos and let your audience know what to expect on certain days. Ensure to print the calendar and keep looking at it every time you need guidance on what to post.

In order to maintain your fan base, you need to be consistent with uploading videos. Scheduling your time wisely, batch producing your videos, and making a checklist are three ways for helping yourself be consistent with uploading videos.

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