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How To Create Your Own Vogue Cover Template

by Shera
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vogue challenge

Most people will never be able to make it onto a Vogue cover, at least, not until a few days ago.

The #VogueChallenge has taken social media by storm, allowing absolutely anyone to be a Vogue cover star by simply adding the Vouge template on their image.

Necessity, it seems, really is the mother of invention – and, with a bit of creativity, there’s nothing stopping you from taking a beautiful portrait. Case in point: those taking part in the Vogue Challenge this week. The stunt, which has gone viral on social media channels including Instagram and TikTok, sees readers transform themselves into cover stars

The craze originated from British Vogue sharing their July covers featuring normal human beings-a train driver Narguis Horsford; NHS midwife Rachel Millar; and supermarket assistant Anisa Omar-doing their part during the pandemic.

For some, participating in the #voguechallenge was a reminder that the fashion industry is still not doing enough in creating spaces for black talents in general although it highly benefits from black culture. For others, it was an opportunity to be cover stars.

How can you create your own Vogue cover?

Here’s one option

1. Google ‘Vogue cover template’.
2. Download a  photo editor. I use Sketchbook.  It’s simple and easy to use.
3. Create two layers, one for your image and another for the Vouge cover template
how to create your own Vogue cover template

image:: gucora andu


4. Place the Vogue template on the top of your image, select the ‘Vogue’ wording with the Magic Wand so it doesn’t get erased, then erase any visible space between the lettering and your featured image. Your final image should just be your ‘feature’ in the background with the letters ‘Vogue’ at the top.


Vogue Cover template

image: gucora andu

5. You are done. Simple right?

Second option

Use a website such as PHO.TO to create your image. All you have to do is go to the website, upload your own photo and the rest will be done for you.



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