How to Use Technology to Increase Your Home Security


It does not matter if you live in your private home or in a rented house. Security is paramount in either case. Other factors such as distance, space, and location should always factor in after ensuring the levels of security. Some of the common ways of increasing home security include putting up electrical fences and hiring security guards to watch your home at night. While all these are indeed effective and necessary steps, there are other smaller yet equally effective ways you can increase your home’s security using technology such as Vivint. These options ensure your security both in and out your home. Here is a list of some suggested technological tactics to consider.

CCTV Cameras

Cameras are perhaps the most widely used mode of security enhancement in property management. You may think cameras are only necessary for large commercial entities. However, they are also quite useful for home settings even if small. Cameras with a centralized watching point can allow you keep an eye on what happens in all the rooms of your house at once. This is especially useful for individuals who are often away from their homes for work or other reasons. Having cameras connected to your phone, computer, or tablet, will give you some peace of mind when you are miles away. Another category of people who can greatly benefit from camera installations at home is new parents. Having a camera in your child’s room and around the house can help you keep an eye on your baby throughout the night. You can also monitor the activities of your caregiver to ensure the safety of your child while at work, etc.

Smart locks with alarms

Sometimes a padlock or key lock for your main home door are not enough. With the existence of ‘master keys’ and padlock breaking equipment, you might want to consider a more advanced locking system for the security of your home. Smart locks help prevent or reduce home break-ins because they require specific information for them to go off. Most smart locks have an alarm system connection that will raise a siren until a pin code, password, or other biometric information such as a thumbprint are availed. If the alarm is on for more than five minutes without being set off, the security company gets an alert, which allows them to take necessary measures.

Smoke detectors

Many people have lost their homes and lives to domestic fires. The main reason being the lack of a fire alert. By the time you notice a fire in your home, it may be too late. You may suffer CO2 poisoning from the smoke before being able to call for help. Having a smoke detector can reduce the chances of this tragic scenario significantly. Immediately there is an unacceptable amount of smoke in the house, the smoke detectors go off and try to reduce the fire by sprinkling water. Smoke detectors are very useful in kitchens, laundry rooms and storerooms in your home, since these are the common sources of house fires.

Motion detectors

You can also install motion detectors in your home to get an alert each time a person or animal trespasses into your home. You can install motion detectors near doors and windows for the most security. That way, when anyone approaches any of the entry points for your home, you can get an alert and thus call for help if necessary. Motion detectors often sense beings heavier than rodents to avoid unnecessary panic.