The Disturbing Reason Why Anita Nderu Is Trending On Twitter

anita nderu
Capital FM presenter Anita Nderu caused quite a frenzy on social media after her gay-themed cook-off video went viral.

A snippet of the show titled “The Overdressed Cook” shared by Ms Nderu on Instagram, captures her and two other guests, who were both homosexual, cooking while talking about sex. The video contained overly explicit content, that vexed and offended several types of people.

1. Homophobes

2. Those who support LGBTQ communities, but felt that the video was overly sexualized.

One _whoisqueen reiterated what many people felt after watching the video. She wrote to Anita Nderu;

“I’m not against whatever cont ent you decide to share with your fans but this made me cringe. I am pro – LBGTQ and for that fact, I feel.some type of way by any form of hyper sexualization of this community. I get your whole angle here and while your guests don’t mind, i speak for the larger queer community that is constantly being objectified and fetishized by heterosexuals. Affirming people’s sexualities doesn’t have to take this form. I could be wrong but it’s obviously my opinion.”

Anita Nderu
image: instagram

3. Marketers

Some insisted that Anita Nderu apologize to Fresh Fri for ruining their brand reputation.

Pwani Oil even came out with a statement saying that they have not engaged Ms. Nderu for any advertising of their product on her X-rated show. They tweeted;

“Fresh Fri would like to state that we have not engaged Anita Nderu for product placement or any other advertising of any kind. However, we would like to thank her for being a Fresh Fri consumer. Fresh Fri is keen on delivering quality products that promote #HealthyLiving,”

Curious as to what caused all this commotion? Here is the video that started it all.