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How Technology Can Help You Eat Healthy

by Damaris Wataka
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Health and wellness have recently become very important topics in our lives. COVID 19 proved to us that health is the most important aspect for anyone. For without it, one cannot function or be as productive as they may want. One of the major ways of ensuring our health is by watching what we eat. A healthy diet can almost guarantee you a healthy life. So how can technology help you ensure you have nutritious and healthy meals each time you eat? Here are a few ways.

Online ingredient research

Before deciding what meal to cook, you have to know the nutrition information of all the ingredients you intend to use. The different individual components play a major role in determining how healthy your meal will turn out. Therefore, it is almost inevitable to research and understand their nutritional value. With a smart phone or computer, you can easily access hundreds of write-ups dedicated to food education. You can keep a notebook or food journal that allows you to note down all the necessary information that will help you make wiser decisions moving forward.

Accessing nutritional e-books

If you choose to dig deep into the nutritional pool, you can choose to read the various available e-books available on the topic.  The difference between e-books and online articles is that the former carry a much more extensive volume of information. You get to learn things like why some vegetables are not so healthy despite them being vegetables. This information may be lacking in general articles thanks to the need for summary and lack of knowledge.

Finding easy and healthy online recipes

Once you have the basic knowledge of what you need to eat to stay healthy, you should learn how to make these healthy meals. With just a smart phone and internet connection, you can find thousands of recipes for healthy food recipes. Whether you prefer reading step-by-step guides, or watching and cooking along a video tutorial, the internet gives you access to it all.

Finding specific healthy food sources online

Another important way technology can help you eat healthy is by helping you find places to buy these healthy foods. While common ingredients such as vegetables and fruits are available widely in markets and grocery stores, you might need extra help with other complex components. For example, if you wanted a specific brand of green tea, cheese, chia seeds, flax seeds, etc., you may not find them easily. However, you can always carry out an online search for people or shops that provide these commodities near you. While doing so, you can also compare prices and even establish long-term relationships with the sellers.

Getting nutritional apps to track eating habits

Lastly, technology can really help you eat healthy through the various applications available for the same purpose. You can get applications to help you count calories, or measure the proportions of each food category in your plate (vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates), or even alert you when it is time to eat, in case you are on a fast. With such apps, you can easily maintain your discipline to eating healthy throughout.

Bottom line

Just as technology is important in obvious aspects such as work and education, it can also be useful for health and nutrition. These are just some of the many ways you can use tech to enhance your healthy lifestyle.


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