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5 Essential Apps for All Kenyan Travellers

Travelling for some is a hobby, while for others it is a necessity. Travelling allows us to realize that we are all very small particles in a vast and beautiful world. Travelling can help you find relaxation, peace and new connections. That is why you should always prepare well before going on any trip. Technology has greatly influenced modern travel, allowing people to have easier and more enjoyable experiences. Here are a few essential apps that you will need during your adventures.

Google Maps

Have you ever taken a wrong turn in a new place and out of fear or pride, you chose not to ask for help? Then before you know it, you are going round in circles and deeper into the web of being lost? With Google Maps, you can be sure to always find the correct directions to your desired destination. Most smart phones come with this app pre-installed, but you may have to update it for better functioning. Google Maps is very useful while travelling as it helps you find your bearing no matter your location.

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Uber/ Taxi App

Unless you have private means of transport, it is crucial to have a taxi app while travelling. These come in handy in different scenarios. For example, when running late or when going to a new destination for the first time. In Kenya, Uber and Taxify are largely available in Nairobi so you can download either into your phone. However, some towns may have different cab apps such as Wasili and Safiri in Nakuru, Naivasha and Eldoret. Taxi apps help you get fast, convenient and traceable transport that ensures your safety while travelling.

Applicable E-Banking App

In Kenya, most banks open at 8 a.m. and close at 4 p.m. While there are ATM’s available in most urban centres, they may be few and scattered. To avoid the inconvenience physically visiting an ATM at odd hours, consider having an E-Banking app from your particular bank. Most banks such as KCB and Cooperative Bank allow their customers to connect their accounts to their MPESA. This way, you can easily access money discreetly and conveniently at any time. Just make sure not to share your secret pin with anyone at any time.

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Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is an app that brings together user reviews for different destinations around the world. While travelling, you may find it hard to decide which hotel or restaurant to use, or which sites to see. With the Trip Advisor application, you can look up the reviews of virtually any destination for better decision making. Some user even give cost estimates, which can greatly help with budgeting plans.

WhatsApp Messenger

The last necessary and maybe obvious app for any traveller is the WhatsApp Messenger. This great invention changed the game of communication globally. With it, you can text, call, and video chat with anyone and at any time. It offers unmatched convenience and its user-friendliness just makes it better. As a traveller, you can use WhatsApp to check in with loved ones, call your cab driver, and share your travel experience.

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