SWVL Kenya reports breaches, customers’ details leaked


SWVL, Kenya has today announced a security breach that has affected its users. This comes barely two months after the company announced the approval by NTSA to operate. The approval was met after meeting all the safety requirements and regulations by the body.

The company says they have noticed a breach of customers details on the evening of 3rd July 2020. Customers emails, phone numbers among other details were leaked. The company is currently investigating the matter following the incidence. The company confirms that customers passwords and credit card information were not affected by the breach.

“Continuing our trend of being open and honest with our customers. We wish to inform you that our team recently identified a security breach that involved unauthorized access to our systems,” they said in the notice.

SWVL says they took a number of steps when they became aware of the breach. They regenerated all of their access keys to their systems and infrastructure, they signed out of all customers from their accounts, reviewed all-access privileges, reviewed all firewall and access controls and strengthened their systems.

They also say that the vulnerabilities have been addressed and are working to make sure that this does not happen again. SWVL Kenya says they have employed a team of ‘leading cybersecurity experts’ to help them resolve the breach.

However, the company has issued a number of steps to their esteemed customers that will safeguard their accounts. SWVL has urged its users to update their logins with more secure passwords where one should use a mix of unique characters.

The customers have been cautioned to be on the lookout on any malpractices such as receiving emails, call or text asking for personals details, which SWVL never ask. They have been asked to report if they see any.