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How Technology Can Help People Living with Diabetes

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An estimate 422 million people have diabetes in the world. This is quite a significant number considering most countries do not come close to this number in their total population figures. While diabetes is a chronic disease, it is very manageable and with the proper care, patients can live long and full lives. The most basic thing for all diabetics is controlling their blood sugar levels. Depending on the type of diabetes they have, they need to either lower or increase their blood insulin to ideal levels or risk falling terribly sick. Technology may not have the permanent cure, but it can greatly help with the management in the following ways.

Digital glucometers

Diabetic patients need to keep an eye on their blood sugar levels. While some choose to do this occasionally during their regular medical appointments, others prefer to keep a daily record. New patients and those with fluctuating progress especially need constant measuring. Thankfully, numerous tech gadgets allow patients do this easily and efficiently. With a digital glucometer, you not only have the ability to check your blood sugar at all times of the day, you also get to save time and money that you would have otherwise used for a lab measurement.

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Digital insulin pumps and pens

Some diabetic patients require regular insulin shots to keep their blood glucose levels ideal. Initially, one needed syringes, needles and vials of insulin for said shots. However, these became too dangerous and sensitive to administer to each patient. Not only can they cause major accidents especially in a house with children, they can also easily aid in spreading infections. However, technology has helped make insulin administration easier and safer for diabetic patients. With digital insulin pumps and smart insulin pens, the patient can easily get their shot and not have to worry about refrigeration, constant safe disposal, etc.

Meal planning apps

Since diabetic patients’ main aim is to control blood sugar, they have to check what they eat since food is the main source of sugar for the body. They have to make sure not to consume too much starch for those with Type 2 diabetes and the reverse for Type 1 patients. They also have to maximize their water and healthy fluid consumption. This means that they require some meal planning in order to create and maintain a healthy diet. There are tens of meal planning apps that a diabetic patient can download on their phone. These apps not only give healthy meal suggestions, they can also count calories and keep a digital food journal for the sake of record keeping. Some apps even have reminders for patients with busy lifestyles that may end up forgetting to eat thus jeopardizing their blood glucose levels.

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Medication reminders

Just like food, diabetic patients also need to take constantly medicine for best management. Some patients have to take said medicine for a lifetime. However, before one gets used to this, they may need reminders and schedules. With a smart phone or watch, you can set schedules and reminders to alert you when medication time comes in order to keep a steady and healthy progress chart.


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