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How one business killed press releases?

Many top businesses have opted out of using press releases as a whole. This is not because they have run out of news to publish the businesses who have selected to drop press releases are still making announcements and getting news published about their products and recent ventures. The core reason behind this dropping of press releases is the growing influence of blog posts. 

Though the process of distributing through a press release distribution service has still not completely perished many business owners believe it to be a dead tactic. 

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Business owners are often left unsatisfied when they distribute their unique and creative work through a press release distribution service. This is because the best press release distribution services take all of the major benefits that the unique content of business owners provides. They get all of the search engine boosts and all of the traffic that a business owner’s story generates.   

Here are the reasons why a blog post is better than a press release

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Amplifies SEO

Business owners can create unique content for the website they own. By posting it on self-owned website business owners can get all of the benefits that will come with posting creative and fresh content. By creating a regular blog post all of the links that will be generated will refer to the business owner’s site that will result in a higher ranking in search engines.

Traffic benefits

By placing all of the content the business owners produce on a self-owned website, business owners would be able to generate all of the traffic solely for themselves. This was not possible in case of distributing a press release with the help of a press release distribution service as they publish content on their website first which takes the majority of the traffic away from the business owner’s site.

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Enhanced audience engagement

A press release cannot offer direct communication with the audience it reaches. That is not the case with a blog post. When business owners post a blog post on a certain topic they can get direct feedback from the readers this is possible because websites give its owner the ability to gather comments on posts whenever necessary. Business owners can even interact with their customers and can answer their queries as well. This all helps in forming a good brand image.

Control over the content

By running a blog, business owners get the ability to manage and manipulate their content as they see fit. If any spelling mistakes were made or last-minute changes had occurred, business owners can easily go to their blog post and simply change and update what is necessary.

There are many press release distribution services which are free of cost but the downside to them is that they are not relevant anymore and hardly anyone reads them. Blog posts are a much better alternative to them as they are also free to post on a self-owned site. They provide many advantages over press releases and due to this, they should be the only free to use marketing method a modern-day business owner should use. 


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