How Women Can Use Technology for their Safety


Women and children are among the most vulnerable in any society around the world. In some countries, women cannot walk or enjoy activities at night because their risk of being in danger heightens at this time. However, technology has made some efforts to help with this. There are various gadgets and apps available to women around the world to help improve their safety. Here are a few ways women can use technology to feel safer at any time.

GPS tracking and guidance

If you are a female driver, or just an adventurous individual who enjoys long walks, runs or drives, consider installing tracking systems on your car and phone. This way, you can always have a friend or family member to check in with whenever you go out alone. Some tracking systems allow for estimated timing, such that if you do not get home at the given time, your check in partner can raise an alarm. Apps such as Safetipin gives its users safest route suggestions thus keeping you on roads with less risk of any form of danger. Tracking systems are also useful when it comes to conducting police investigations, when need arises. Whether you lost your phone or car, the tracking systems make it easier to recover them.

Carry on safety gadgets

There are various tech gadgets that women can carry on their person that can help them defend themselves against personal attacks. Whether it is a pickpocket, or a sketchy person following you, these small, easy to hide and access gadgets can help you feel safer. Good examples of these are shocking gadgets such as stun guns, which use the power of electricity for your defence. When you shock your assaulter with a stun gun, it slows them down and gives you some time to run away or call for help. You can also use pepper spray guns which when used right can completely immobilize your attacker, allowing you to find safety.

Recording devices

Recording devices are especially useful for closed environments such as home, office or a taxi ride. If you have a co-worker who makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, you can use various devices to record their words or actions and then provide it as evidence for their arrest. Luckily, you can get these devices in very small and unsuspecting forms such as bracelets, pendants, or brooches. You can also simply use your phone as long as you keep it concealed. Previously, women could not prove domestic or work abuse because they only had word of mouth as their only evidence. Technology has now made it easier to catch perpetrators.

Good old telephones

Having individual telephones that we can carry with us in our pockets, is in itself a huge improvement by technology. Even though telephones do not fit the category of new inventions, they still greatly help women feel safer. With a phone, you can call for help from the police or a friend. You can also put out a warning on social media platforms about an accident or incident in order to keep other women on alert. Lastly, you can easily get useful information from Google in case of an emergency and you do not have time to get professional advice.