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Kenyans On Twitter Regarding Papa Shirandula’s Death

by Shera
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papa shirandula
Papa Shirandula, whose real name is Charles Bukeko, died on Saturday morning in what the family linked to COVID-19.

His family said he passed on at Karen Hospital where he was rushed for emergency treatment after experiencing breathing difficulties. “He died on arrival in the hospital even before he could be admitted,” his brother-in-law Charles Wanyama said, “he had been in his rural home in Western Kenya where he fell ill. He had tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday, and even went into isolation but his condition was worsened on Saturday when he started having breathing difficulties.

The country, having watched Papa Shirandula over the years, was shocked upon hearing the news. During his burial, Kenyans as usual, went on to air their views.  Here are a few of them.






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