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How Technology can be Useful during Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a nerve-wrecking ordeal especially for first time mothers. Common struggles they go through include anxiety, feeling alone, having many questions, and wondering whether anything they do is okay for the baby. While it is vital to keep up with pre-natal hospital visits, there are ways in which soon to be moms can enjoy and go through their pregnancies efficiently through the help of technology. You just have to remember never to replace professional medical advice with technology. Here are a few ways technology is useful for pregnant women.

Provides information and guidance

When in doubt about common things like how tight a pair of pants should be during pregnancy, you do not have to call your doctor for this. Instead, simply go online and do some research. Granted that the internet has floods of information, some of which is highly irrelevant, you can still successfully find useful and reliable information. While at it, you can also try to find some pregnancy guide blogs, podcasts, or eBooks that can help you during this period. Pregnancy is a very sensitive state since now two lives are at stake. You should therefore always countercheck before doing anything that raises doubt.

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Helps keep track of baby’s development

You no longer have to make guesses or live in the dark when it comes to the development and growth of your unborn child. While the mystery can be interesting to an extent, you have the option of feeding your curiosity using different foetal tracker apps. All you have to do is download one or more into your phone to get access to basic information about the pregnancy, and the app does the rest. The apps then keep you updated on how big your baby is as the days go by. Some even give extra information and guidance such as what food to eat at different stages of the pregnancy. They can also advice on what positions to sleep in and what items to get for best mother and baby comfort.

Gives access to online support forums

As a pregnant mother, you may feel lost and alone especially because only you know how it feels. While talking to your spouse or partner is very helpful, you may still need to be around women going through the same thing as you. This way, you get to share and get feedback that relates to you. Being around women in the same journey as you also helps reassure you as you get to speak out your anxieties and get back advice, help, and comfort. Using technology, you can join various online support groups on Facebook and other sites, from where you can make friends while learning about pregnancy.

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Helps with relaxation and forming a bond with your child

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