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How To Choose The Right Web Hosting In 2020

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People have been creating websites with no prior experience for decades now. Some of us remember the early days of Angelfire websites that would now look hopelessly outdated. Some young website creators weren’t even alive during Angelfire’s reign! But one thing that has stayed consistent is the layman’s ignorance about web hosting.

It’s understandable. Web hosting is not the most exciting topic of discussion. When you’re building a website it is something you just want to get out of the way. However, web hosting can make or break your website. With the wrong hosting, you can end up with an unreliable site that crashes right when you start getting the kind of traffic you hoped for.

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Here is how to choose the right web hosting in 2020.

Consider the CMS

One of the most reliable ways to choose web hosting is to consider what content management system (CMS) you intend to use and to find hosting that caters to that CMS. For example, if you are using WordPress to build your website, get web hosting for WordPress.

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Not all hosting optimized for your chosen CMS will be reliable, but choosing this type of hosting will make the process of setting up your site that much easier. Hosting optimized for a CMS will run more smoothly while saving you a lot of trouble with installation.

Customer service is key

Even if a hosting service seems reliable and easy to use, make sure you read some customer reviews. This is because only past customers know how well the provider responds in times of crisis.

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When your hosting is down, you feel very helpless. After all, it is mostly in the hands of the hosting provider. If the provider is impossible to contact in these moments, you will experience a lot of frustration. If you are making money from your website, you might lose customers because of this.

Customer service is more important in hosting than in most other services you will have to manage. Remember that often a big brand name is used to cover for poor service.

Don’t skimp

Most individual or small business websites can make do with shared web hosting. Shared hosting provides space on a server with a number of other websites. Bandwidth is shared on a first-come-first-serve basis, and as long as none of the websites get an unexpected surge of traffic, it works just fine. However, if your website is expecting some more traffic, consider getting VPS hosting. VPS hosting designates a certain amount of bandwidth on the server specifically for you, and it does not matter how busy other websites on the server may be.

If you expect your site to really take off and bring in millions of visitors, or if your website is running some bandwidth-heavy processes, consider purchasing dedicated server hosting. It is a lot more expensive, but you will really cash in if your expectations are met.

Ultimately, cost shouldn’t be the priority. The right hosting is required if your website is going to function as necessary. Invest in your website, and you will be sure to put in the commitment needed.

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