Tips for selling junk online


What happens to junk cars?

The ‘scrap’ program provides tons of material for the recycling sector; windshield glass can be transformed into cups, and tires into bags and wallets. The next time you taste your favorite wine, look closely at the glass: if it’s greenish and thick, maybe it used to be the windshield of an old car.

These products are the end result of the $ 22 billion in the junk car recycling industry, which is now in the limelight. Most of the junk from cars is recycled, including metal, glass, plastics, tires and even fluids like engine oil, according to Earth911, an environmental services company based in Scottsdale, Arizona, whose job is recycling and proper disposal of garbage.

Reuse everything except lint

Auto parts that still work like engines, radiators, tires, and panels are usually removed from vehicles for use in other cars. Then the dead parts reincarnate into something else.

“Recycling a car completes the life cycle of that product by turning it into something completely different,” said Jennifer Berry, director of public relations and strategy for Earth911.

According to Earth911, the tires are converted to asphalt and fenders or are converted to fuel. Windshields turn into beer mugs or wine glasses, as well as lamps and shelves. Used oil filters become cans, coolers are converted to structural beams, and new oil filters are cleaned and returned. Truck floor mats and linings are rebuilt as new versions of themselves.

“The car is the most recyclable component in the world,” said Sandy Blalock, former president of the Association of Automobile Recyclers (ARA), based in Manassas, Virginia. “Almost 100% of the car is recyclable, except for the lint; that goes to the garbage can.”

Blalock refers to the filler used for car seats, which presents a great challenge for recyclers, since some countries, such as Japan, no longer allow it in landfills. Even liquids can be reused, according to ARA. Transmission fluids from the brakes, antifreeze, gasoline, diesel and Freon from the air conditioner are taken for use in other cars. “They move and flip the car to make sure they’re getting as much fluid out as possible,” said Michael Wilson, ARA executive vice president.

Take out the rest

Wilson says plastics are also removed from vehicles for recycling; The remaining metal, which is by far the largest component in terms of volume, melts and turns into all kinds of products, and could end up being part of a new car in just a month.

“Once it was dismantled, we are left with the car’s skeleton, the helmet, and we process it into materials by grade of value,” said Bruce Savage, vice president of communications for the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI, by its acronym), a company in Washington that works with scrap metal processors and brokers.

“We sent the car to a cutter that pulverizes it into pieces of metal the size of a palm,” Savage said. “We then sell them to manufacturers, who use them as raw material stocks. Much of this material is exported, especially to China, to construct buildings and other infrastructure.”

China is the largest consumer of American scrap metal; imported materials worth $ 7.4 billion in 2008, according to ISRI. Canada follows, importing $ 4 billion. More than a quarter of the $ 86 billion in scrap metal exported in the United States is exported each year. The cash for junk campaigns are becoming more and more successful, and people agree to sell their abandoned vehicles, thus contributing to a notable improvement in cleaning streets and homes.

Now you know the real situation of the junk cars trade. But how can you participate in it, in case you will sell your old car. Here are tips we have gathered from many people who are experienced in the junk cars trade. They compactly advise anyone who wants to get cash from selling junk car to start everything on the Internet. Why? You don’t even need to get out of your comfortable room, driving your rickety car at the risk of breaking down on the road. There’s also no need to rent a tow truck because your potential buyer usually provides facilities for it.

The tips to get cash from selling junk car

The internet provides a great opportunity to get cash from selling junk car. Anyone can sell old car that is not used anymore. With the help of social media networks, for example, you can advertise your junk car in just a few minutes and make it read by tens to hundreds of people in just one day. Sounds interesting right?

The Internet is a good start when looking for a way to sell your junk car for cash. There are many companies that provide online resources, including free quotes for the vehicle you own. Use these tips to get the most out of your vehicle. Just keep reading until the end!

At least do a search

Do a search on selling junk cars to find the main companies that can provide you with the service. Most of these sites have an online form where you fill in your contact details as well as your junk car information. This means that you will need to know as much as possible about your junk car. Select the options in the online form about the car model, year of manufacture and registration number. Some forms ask if the car has inflated tires or if it has the keys to it. Others require the vehicle identification number, the mileage on the car, and how much money you expect in return. Try different online sources to get a quote on the value of the car. There are many sites that provide various information about used spare parts. They can certainly be your reference source about how much money you might receive from selling your used or junk car.


Check if the scrap metal sales company is authorized to do so. You should never pay a fee to a junk company because it is their job to pay your vehicle. Also look at your policy statement that should be available online to make sure the company recycles the car to conserve the environment. Avoid selling your car to companies that will instead try to restore it and sell it as a new or second-hand car without your knowledge. The scrap metal company must also comply with environmental laws governing vehicle recycling. 

Don’t forget to remove all personal items

Once you choose a buyer, the monetary value of your car will be calculated per ton. This means that your scrap will be weighed before payment is given, and your estimated value or budget may go up or down. Any trash or items stored in the vehicle will be removed before weighing to give a more accurate measurement, so be sure to remove all personal items in the car.

These tips should help you prepare your junk car for sale and choose the best buyer for it. Earn extra money selling your old car today. Don’t leave your old car sitting in the corner of your yard. If you can turn it into money, why not?