India moves to cut Huawei gear from telecoms network


Huawei is once again eyeing another ban. After the US and UK, India is now phasing out equipment from Huawei and other Chinese companies from its Telecom networks due to border tensions between Chinese and Indian armies.

This is another blow to the telecoms giant Huawei. The company ranks among top telecom that supplies India with telecoms equipment which will affect its overall growth including those of its customers who majorly depend on the telco for supplies.

Joining the US and the UK in the ban, India’s Industry executives and government officials according to the FT, says, key ministries have indicated that local telecoms service provide should avoid Chinese equipment in future investments including 5G networks.

India is yet to issue a formal statement on the ban but already, the country’s telecoms department has disallowed testing with Chinese vendors and indication of an existing tough relationship.

The government of India earlier on banned TikTok and 59 apps of Chinese origin due to border tensions. According to the Indian government, the apps were used to siphon data from India to China. 

Huawei is likely to face the same fate. However, this presents great opportunities for Huawei competitors, Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung.