Promoting Explainer Videos Is Easy with these 6 Tips for YouTube Marketing


Are explainer videos or how-to videos one of the most integral parts of your social media marketing campaign? If yes, then there are some special tips you need to follow to make it easier for you to promote your explainer videos on YouTube. You know, YouTube marketing works wonders!

Explainer videos are all the rage these days and specifically when it comes to marketing business products and services through these videos on YouTube. They help customers and promote products most beneficially.

Experts are of the view that these videos are one of the most powerful forms of YouTube content. Businesses not sharing such videos while their competitors are doing so successfully are losing out on a strong persuasion tool.

Explainer videos are duly required if you want to get in the YouTube marketing game. These short and crisp, 60- to 90-second videos are exactly what they sound like. They begin with certain consumer problems and end up providing solutions for the same!

Such videos are ideally used for introducing new products or services or for clarifying product issues and solutions for the consumers to see to understand the same. The YouTube marketing tips below will help you in promoting your explainer videos in a way that it gets your business going in the right direction.

Pay Attention to Video Titles and Description

As is the case with any website, it is necessary to optimize the title and the description of an explainer video, so it is visible to the audiences. Remember, titles are the very first thing that people read when scrolling through different videos. Hence, make sure your video title is compelling and clear.

Here, you can use a YouTube intro maker that can help you in creating titles that will make the searchers curious about the content. The tool can also be used for creating titles that will give searchers an idea of the fact that your content will help them solve certain problems they might be facing.

Coming to descriptions, YouTube just shows around 100 characters of the video description. If the searchers want to go beyond this limit, they will have to click on the option saying “Show More”.

Hence, the description should always include important CTAs or links right in the beginning. This helps in driving views that further make for viewer engagement.

Send Viewers to the Landing Page

Your main objective behind posting an explainer video on YouTube should be driving the searchers or the viewers to the landing page of your site. For this to take place successfully, you can add annotations to the videos.

The annotation link that you provide in your video should show the address of your site. But remember, the viewers will not be able to click on this address. They will have to type the URL in their browsers. So, you must work on keeping the URL short and memorable.

What is it that makes the perfect landing page for explainer video viewers? The answer to this question is creating a page that goes a long way in making the viewers feel that they are in the perfect place. The explainer video should focus on telling the viewers why they must get in touch with you or provide you with their mailing address.

Target the Right Audience

As with any marketing campaign being initiated on any social media platform, it is important to know who your target audiences are before even developing an explainer video for YouTube. This will help you in making the right decision; in saving more money and in closing deals.

Here AdWords can help you by providing several audience targeting techniques like defining age, income, gender, and demographic groups. Apart from this, you can even target by interests and topics.

You can even define keywords and display the videos based on specific words linked to the other YouTube videos. The right placement of the videos can also help in target YouTube subscribers.

Make the Video Highly Educational

There’s no use creating a salesy explainer video to be posted on YouTube. What’s more important when promoting explainer videos on this channel is being educational. You must create videos that help potential customers in solving their problems.

People get onto the internet and specifically on YouTube to find solutions for their problems. Therefore, it is always a good idea to make useful educational and informative videos about how your products and services can solve the problems faced by consumers.

Promotional videos will not attract people to your proposals, but informative how-to videos will, and they also work exceptionally well with the search algorithm of YouTube.

Your Video Should Feature the Best 10 Seconds

Promoting an explainer video on YouTube means you must remain aware of the fact that the searchers are likely to click away within not more than 10 seconds. Hence, it works to be on the point while keeping the videos short. Experts in the field also suggest the same.

Expert advice: Get to the tale instantly without wasting much time, and even before the viewer loses attention. Try sparking the curiosity of the audience by putting forward questions. Or you can even use teasers for hooking their attention instantly.

Use a good quality free video editor for YouTube that can help you in creating videos that convey value and solve the problems of the viewers immediately.

Aim for High Quality

The explainer video you are using for promoting your brand should boast of the highest quality. Only when your video shows the top quality that it will be able to beat the competition and be there right on the first page of searches on YouTube.

People usually do not like poorly-crafted and crappy videos. Remember, your explainer video is the first encounter of the customer and your brand. So, you must aim at keeping it sharp.

The Takeaway

So, if you’re still wondering how to edit videos for YouTube, then promoting an explainer video on YouTube comes with several advantages. The entire procedure is low-cost, and there are varied formats to choose from. But make sure the video is amazing and offers good results.