Tips for Choosing Bridesmaids Dresses


Brides-to-be have a lot on their plates, and every little detail matters. Most start thinking about their own dresses as soon as they get engaged, but it’s easy to overlook the importance of choosing the right bridesmaids dresses. Read on to find some tips that will make this important decision a little easier.

Be Forgiving of Different Body Types

At most weddings, the bridesmaids will have a variety of body types, and it’s important for all of them to feel comfortable and flattered in their gowns. The best way to go about accommodating differently sized or shaped bridesmaids is to choose a color, then purchase different styles of dresses that complement each woman’s body type. It’s also fine to mix up colors. Just make sure they look good together.

Consider Leaving the Choice Up to the Bridesmaids

There’s no easier way to go about making sure that everyone at the alter feels comfortable than to ask the bridesmaids to choose their own dresses. When picking a bridesmaids dress, each of them should be given some guidance such as color schemes or wedding themes. This helps to ensure that they will all look good together. Of course, not all brides like giving up that level of control, and that’s also fine. It’s the couple’s big day, and the bride-to-be should have the final say.

Coordinate with the Wedding Gown

Order the wedding gown before choosing bridesmaids dresses. This makes it easier to coordinate the colors and styles so they aren’t too similar but they’ll still create a beautiful tableau at the altar. The bridesmaids shouldn’t outshine the bride, but they should be dressed to impress in gowns that will perfectly complement her wedding dress.

Be Budget-Conscious

Those who are asking their bridesmaids to purchase their own dresses need to be especially budget-conscious. Not everyone can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress she’ll only be wearing once. Brides-to-be who have very specific tastes and can’t stand the thought of anything less than the best should offer to pay for the gowns themselves to avoid making their best friends feel put out.

Stick to the Schedule

Don’t save choosing and buying bridesmaids gowns for the last minute. The lead times for wedding attire can be long, so order them at least three to four months in advance and make sure the bridesmaids know how important it is that they head in for alterations well before the wedding day approaches. That way, there won’t be any last-minute drama or emergency trips to the tailor to have alterations made.

Be Practical About Climate

Planning a winter wedding? The last thing the bridesmaids will want is to be attired in sleeveless gowns designed for the middle of summer. Things can get a little trickier for brides who plan to be married in the spring or fall since the weather can be more unpredictable. Consider versatile fabrics like chiffon or outfit the bridesmaids with stoles that match their dresses in case the weather takes a turn for the worse.

These concerns are slightly less relevant for indoor events. However, most brides will still at least want pictures of their parties taken against beautiful backdrops, often outdoors, and everyone will have to be able to make it in from her car without freezing or getting too hot.

Take Skin Tones into Account

Wedding Dress

When choosing dress colors, take the bridesmaids’ skin tones into account. This will help to avoid problems like making some of the bridesmaids look washed out, which will ruin their days and the bride’s pictures. For bridesmaids with varying skin tones, try to stick to warm colors like mauve or cabernet, or cool colors like dusty blue or emerald, that complement all skin tones. Alternatively, brides can give their bridesmaids the go-ahead to mix and match shades within the wedding palette.

Order Using the Person’s Largest Measurements

It’s better to order bridesmaids dresses that are slightly too large than too small. That’s why these gowns are typically ordered using each bridesmaid’s largest measurement. This can leave bridesmaids with dresses that are a size larger than they normally wear, but that’s fine. Larger dresses can always be taken in, but there’s little to be done if the gown is too small.

Use Prints and Patterns with Caution

There’s nothing wrong with choosing printed or patterned bridesmaids’ dresses, but it takes a little extra work to get things just right. Brides will have to consider not just their wedding pallets, but also the season, the venue, and the decor. Prints and patterns are best reserved for small wedding parties, and they should always be paired with simple accessories.

One great alternative to outfitting all the bridesmaids in patterned dresses is to get a print dress for the maid of honor, then stick with solid colors for everyone else. If bridesmaids choose their prints carefully, this can make the whole party look better and add an extra layer of elegance.

Consider Lingerie Logistics

Make sure the bridesmaids know that they will be responsible for getting the right undergarments to wear beneath their dresses. Even the most flattering dress can look terrible with the wrong bra, so encourage them to try out the combination in advance and buy new support undergarments that match its style. It’s equally important to wear body shapers when trying on bridesmaid’s dresses to ensure that they will fit perfectly on the big day.

Place an Order Now

Planning a wedding and want to make sure all the bridesmaids have the time they need to get their dresses altered, buy the right undergarments, and make sure they’ll all be looking their best? Get started shopping now, even if the wedding isn’t until next spring. Ordering the dresses now will get one more thing off brides’ plates so they can focus on other important details.

There are plenty of fashionable options available online, so don’t let the current coronavirus crisis hinder those wedding plans. Things will calm down eventually, and once they do, brides-to-be will be better off if they’re ready to get the party started as soon as possible.