Compelling Reasons to Buy a Motorcycle


Thinking of buying a first motorcycle, but not sure if it’s worth the money? It is. Read on to find out why so many new riders are hitting the road and why those who are still on the fence should join their ranks.

The Thrill of the Ride

By far the biggest benefit of buying and riding a motorcycle is that it’s incredibly fun. There’s no feeling that can compare to the rush of riding down an empty highway at high speeds. It gets riders’ hearts racing, induces a great adrenaline rush, and lets riders connect with a great American tradition of embracing the open road.

It’s Cheaper than Buying a Car

Buying a new motorcycle costs just a fraction of what it takes to buy a comparably high-quality car. This is especially true when comparing high-speed motorcycles with cars that can reach the same velocity. Plus, riders can find both new and used motorcycles at American Motorcycle Trading Company.

Less Maintenance

Maintaining a motorcycle is also less costly than keeping a car looking and running its best. Motorcycles usually break down less frequently, require fewer and less-expensive tire changes, and are easier to work on. Once they get fully involved in the local bike scene, riders should have no trouble finding someone with maintenance experience who can help them get up-to-speed on how to perform basic tasks for themselves, too. This saves avid motorcycle enthusiasts even more money and lets them connect with their bikes in a way that’s far less common among average drivers.

Save Money on Gas


Need another cost-saving benefit to justify the initial investment cost of buying a high-quality motorcycle? Well, riders will save on gas, too. Bikes are much smaller than the average car, which means they’re also more fuel-efficient. Motorcycle engines may rev higher, but they also have lower cylinder counts and less weight to carry, which means paying for gas will never become a major burden.

Never Get Stuck in Traffic

There’s no worse part of driving a car than sitting in endless traffic during rush hour. Anyone who has ever been stuck in heavy traffic and looked over to see a motorcyclist splitting lanes to speed past the blockage has likely experienced at least a twinge of envy. Instead of feeling resentful, buy a commuter bike, and become that person. Street bikes have small frames and are incredibly maneuverable, allowing riders to get around stopped vehicles and intense traffic jams with ease provided they don’t live in states that penalize lane-splitting.

Rider Camaraderie

Motorcycle riders have gotten a bad rap in popular culture. There’s a common misconception that all bikers are criminals, gang members, and ne’er-do-wells. In reality, the opposite is true. The vast majority of riders are kind, good-hearted people who just love the freedom of the open road.

Because there are far fewer avid motorcyclists than there are automobile drivers, there’s a sense of camaraderie among riders that’s difficult to match with all but the most obscure four-wheeled vehicles. Novice riders will quickly start to feel like they’re part of a broader community that goes far beyond the simple biker wave.

Riding Is More Involved Than Driving

Riding a motorcycle is almost like a sport. It requires constant attention and a certain degree of physical prowess to corner properly and maneuver on different types of roads. Learning the ins and outs of motorcycle riding can be incredibly rewarding as a result.

New riders get incredibly excited about taking their first curves at high speeds or heading out on their first interstate trips, and they should be. Becoming an expert at motorcycle riding really is an accomplishment.

Environmental Friendliness

Motorcycles aren’t just cheaper and more fun to ride than cars. They’re also better for the environment. They use less fuel, a valuable renewable resource, produce fewer harmful chemicals, and take fewer materials to make.

Some popular brands are even coming up with all-electric alternatives to traditional motorcycles, so those who want to go the extra mile and reduce their fossil fuel consumption to zero now have viable options at their disposal. This technology will only advance faster as it catches on, so learn how to ride now.

The Cool Factor

There’s an undeniable cool factor to riding a motorcycle that the average driver will just never experience. It’s not just other bikers who admire a good-looking motorcycle. Bikes have been synonymous with freedom, rebelliousness, and the great American spirit for decades in popular culture, and that association has filtered down into the collective subconscious. The only people who don’t think motorcycles are cool are those who don’t have the courage to get on one themselves.

The Air-Flow Seat Covers prevent moisture, sweat, and wet seat caused by rainy days or those super hot days with high temperatures allowing a rider to remain on the bike longer making those unforgettable summer rides more enjoyable.

Endless Customization Options

Motorcycles have all kinds of components that can be swapped, modified, or removed, so it’s easy to customize a new bike to fit its rider’s personality. Plus, motorcycle enthusiasts have a lot of options when it comes to expressing themselves with their gear. Every jacket, pair of motorcycle gloves, and best motorcycle helmet under 300 is a little different, so even safety gear becomes a matter of personal pride among bikers. No matter what a new piece of safety gear looks like, make sure not to skimp when it comes to quality since it also plays an essential role in rider safety.

Motorcycle Racing

Once novice bikers get the hang of riding under less-stressful circumstances, many start training for motorcycle races. Getting into the racing scene is a great way to test ability, meet new people, and have a generally great time out on the track. Buying that first bike is just the first step toward getting into competitive racing, but it’s an essential one.

Start Checking Out Options Now

Ready to get started looking for that first motorcycle? Most experts recommend starting out with a relatively small, easy-to-maneuver, and versatile model, but that doesn’t mean riders can’t start coming up with ideas for their dream bikes now. Whether they buy a new or used motorcycle, riders just need to make sure they find a reputable vendor that inspects all the bikes that come through its doors. Otherwise, it’s all just a matter of preference.