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Preparing to Sell Your Business: What You Need to Know Now

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Business owners sell their company when they are ready to retire and want to cash out. The sale presents buyers a chance to find an intriguing venture that doesn’t require them to start from the ground floor. A successful business is highly attractive to buyers and give them something solid to invest in. Selling a business requires more complex steps than just selling a commercial property. The seller is offering their hard work and legacy to a new owner, and the opportunity could make a new owner wealthy if they research the business property. Business owners often turn to brokers to prepare for the sale of their business.

Start With an Appraisal

An appraisal for the entire property and the business shows how much the owner could get through the sale. All assets owned by the company are evaluated, and they perform a complete appraisal. The report helps the owner define a selling price for the property and prepare for the sale of the entire company. Business owners can find a business broker to help them get ready for the sale and proceed through each step flawlessly.

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Gather Business Records to Show Profitability


Buyers want to see financial records for the company and determine if the business is profitable and presents them with a sound investment. The company provides tax returns for the business showing each year’s earnings and losses. Buyers need access to the information for making a sound investment. Companies that show steady growth within their organization because buyers don’t want to invest in a company or venture that is not lucrative.

Profitability is a key factor for buyers that want to get involved with an existing company. While they will make changes, the new owner won’t want to start from scratch. Taking over a powerful company gives the owner immediate earning potential and a steady incoming profit. Understanding the attributes of a lucrative purchase helps buyers avoid mistakes and capitalize on a great opportunity. Reviewing the financial records shows if the company was struggling within the last few years. The records also show how the owner managed significant losses and if they rebounded from them.

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Assessing the Property for Structural Issues

An inspection of the business property shows the owner if there are any structural problems that could raise red flags. When selling a business property, it must be structurally sound and issue-free. A licensed inspection knows what buyers look for when reviewing an inspection report. The property cannot have wiring, plumbing, electrical, or HVAC problems, and the inspection reviews these elements of the property. When receiving the report, the business owner has further insight into how to correct the problems and get the most out of the sale of their business. Repairs can increase the resell value of the commercial property.

Scheduling Necessary Renovations

Renovations increase the value of the property, too. When creating a new yet modern design in the property, the business owner could get more when selling their company. The location of the property defines how attractive it is to buyers. Buyers consider the location and how much they could earn based on the local demographics and how they can use the location to their business advantage.

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Modernizing an older building could make it more functional for the buyer, and it could give them features that aren’t available everywhere. Making the property stand out more helps the owner optimize the return on their investment.

Protection for Existing Workers

Existing workers may stay with the company and continue to work for the new owner. When reviewing the contracts for the sale, the current owner adds clauses to protect their existing workers. They add stipulations that prevent the buyers from terminating existing employment contracts. Workers who have been with the company for years need protection to prevent their sudden termination.

The stipulations explain the rules for termination any employee that comes with the business. They stop the buyer from firing employees without a just cause. The clauses may also identify employees that must stay on with the business that are also related to the current owner. This could include members of a board of directors that oversee the company and its products. Gaining extraordinary workers give the buyer an amazing asset for their new venture.

Scheduling clear out and cleaning for the Property

Preparing the commercial property for the sale starts with removing all the items that are included in the sale. The seller must pack up their belongings and remove them from the property. Professional cleaning for the property eliminates residual dust and dirt within the property. A cleaner building is more appealing to buyers, and it eliminates any health hazards left behind by equipment or machinery.

Creating a Marketing Strategy

Marketing efforts to help the broker find buyers for the business. However, it isn’t necessary to present the business publically. In fact, some brokers recommend that the owner should keep talks about selling to themselves until they have offers on the table. Public announcements could lead to issues with their workers and shareholders. i

Working With a Broker to Negotiate the Deal

Brokers help the seller negotiate a deal with prospective buyers and sell the business for an extraordinary price. The brokers understand the ins and outs of selling a business and get the most out of the owner’s life’s work. Reviewing and negotiating the deal helps the broker find the best offer for the business and solidify the deal.

Business owners who are ready to sell their business mus follow necessary steps for preparing. It is not a straightforward process for business owners to let go of the reigns they’ve been holding for decades. A new owner may not follow the same vision for the business, and they will make changes that the owner might not be ready for. When selling, they must protect workers that are still employed by the business and have an existing contract. Reviewing steps for selling helps a business owner to get ready for a new chapter in their lives.

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